Current site features

Current site features!

 ~ Different Genetic pets to create or adopt, that inherit and give mutations,colors, addons, and stats to their offspring! and the ability to breed with other users! (almost!)

~ Pet lineages and stats!!

-- a starting page with information to help you start your journey on site upon login!

~ Many different pet paintbrushes to change your pets appearance completely, some animated!!

~ The ability to plant and grow your own crops,vegetables,fruits etc on your own farm!

An active pet to come with you on your adventure and find you items and talk to you!

 ~Battling with monsters and other users! (Currently a primitive version/only on certain pages! bigger feature coming later!)

-- Onsite boss fights!

--Houses you can own that give your pets stats by feeding, bathing, letting them rest. Also with a backyard pizza oven! and other features!

 ~A dedicated discord server!

~ An animal avatar with a ton of options and clothing/accessories to choose from! (human Avatars possibly coming soon!)

 ~ Rewards to collect for being a staff member once a month!!

~ 25+ Maps to explore and interact with, with hidden suprises and areas to go to! (maps are being redone- but they work!)

~ Over 1000+ items to collect!

~ Crafting/alchemy   (with recipe book coming soon!)


~Pet battling and training! (better version of this to come in the future!)

 ~ 20+ different shops to spend your beads in! (some hidden!)

 ~ A Hidden maze where you can win trophies for beating it!

~ The ability to submit your own  things for the site! FOR FREE

~ Over 40 different NPCs to chat with and get to know!

~ Npc Quests and Achievements!

~ Onsite Trading card/collecting game!  (coming soon!)

~ Different Worlds to visit !

~ The ability to create your own miniature world within ours!

--click here for the Example world --

 ~ Random events!

 ~ Sitewide events and contests!

~ A friendly community!

 ~ A forum with even more features!

 ~ Constant updates!

~ Plus much more!!

Well what are you waiting for?? if this sounds like a fun time to you please sign up and join us! We'd love to have you! The atrocity staff (mostly Ittermat and restless) is always working hard to try to continue to (And in the future) bring you a fun, safe, educational and entertaining petsite where you can collect items, pets, play games, contribute to the community and learn while you do it! 

WE'RE 100% FREE to play!