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Titles: Site owner, Coder, artist, ideas /everything

Hello my name is Serra, you can call me either one- Serra or Ittermat. I am the main everything person on this site. I've been working on it for 7+ years and I never plan to stop.

I love drawing and creating- and wish I could do it more often!

I have an online shop at Ko-fi
and I help out with the two sister sites in the top menu! Im not a coder but I do my best to get things done-

Please never hesitate to ask if you need help!





Titles: Site Co-owner, Coder, awesome

 Coming soon!

Other important help

Dark Ruby





Titles: Site Artist
(Art, artist... mixed media artist and more art.)


Hi my name is Rubyz, shortened from Bloodrubyz and a blood ruby is my favourite rock.
I love collecting things from pretty rocks all the way to pretty plants. I ran out of room for my plant collection so shelves are being made to hold more.
I love art, its a big part of my life and I try doing something creative each day. Be it traditional or digital, I try a bit of everything. I love creating creatures or trying my best to put as much detail to make something as real as it can be. I have an adopts shop on Deviantart. And im the owner of the Virtual pet site Featherton.

I also doodle to cheer people up or gift bomb.



Mic/Genetic Alpha

Titles: Coding help


Hello! I'm Michaella, but I go by many names: Mic, Cat, Cryptic, Micolai. I'm happily married with two children. I love coding in my free time and like many things such as nature, animals, walks, D&D, cosplaying, and gaming.

I have two virtual petsites of my own- Dinotracks and Wildhorse tracks.

I also like getting to chat with people, so feel free to message!




 Cheba The Smol Bee  


Titles: Site artist


Hiho ghosts and ghouls, I'm Bee (aka SkullBee), an aspiring artist and a storyteller! My interests consist of spooky things, broccoli and Guild Wars 2. Other than that I aspire to be a concept artist for games and to turn my stories into comics.



Titles: Site artist

I'm Queen_Hornet, you can call me hornet or frootii.
I go by they/them pronouns and I'm planning to start working
on my own
petsite, Aethereos, which will also be made using Mysidia.
I'm active most of the day, don't be afraid to PM me!





Titles: Site artist/design help


Ayo my name is Ally, but you can call me Sphinxx
or my nickname Nor. I love to help out and lend a hand
to others and enjoy having banters and
creative speech all the time. I'm currently working on getting
through a tough part of my life, but that's
not holding me back! I hope you enjoy your stay here!

Other help with Site assets




Titles:  Coding help/edits


Coming soon!



Titles:  Idea help/encyclopedia help/art help


Hello, Im Foxfire, i play on a lot of different petsites, and im happy to share my knowledge here on atrocity! you can find me  filling out the encyclopedia. Im a pretty chill person