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Date: 2024-02-01 06:34:02
2-1-24- Valentines!by IttermatComments(0)

Hey ho everyone! its the Valentines event! (and its like 6am and I cant sleep so heres a news update!)

Simple update but I figured I'd should try to be more vocal about things... instead of just adding news when theres big stuff. XD

All this month during the season of love you'll get items when you login that you can later use to craft valentines to give people!

Im hoping to add in that this will be a competetion sort of deal later on- with prizes for who gives the most- but I havent made it there yet.

Any way the items you can get are as follows!


Craft supplies + Crayon Box + Lovely envelope + Construction paper = Valentine

You can find the ability to send valentines on a users profile ^^
So please have fun sharing love with your fellow atrocitians!

Habibi's holiday is also open with valentines themed items.

It may have seemed like alot of silence lately- but I assure you stuff is still being worked on! including a new event/map. Its just that it all takes time XD
I appreciate your patience!

~Till next time!


Date: 2024-01-15 21:48:25
1-15-24 some updates!by IttermatComments(0)

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great holiday and are having a great new year! Heres the news!

We added some new Cards to the site!

as well as a couple made by our users!!

All cards also have a Holo version you can collect too! And show up in the card binder.

Seperators have been added in the users inventory because people seemed to be getting confused as to what was what. so Now hopefully this helps.

The stock portfolio option is now called STOCKS, and you can see both your portfolio and what stocks are worth. Also if the market is open the banner will appear on this page as well.

Theres a new pet paintbrush called FIRE

You can also now see forum posts and replies in the sidebar. this was the only way to get this to work.

There were some new outfits added by Onceuponaplatypus!

We made new maps for the main town, still need to do the left side.

Fixed being able to set pets up to trade.

Colored icons with tooltips now appear in the pet area to let you know at a glance how your pets are doing.

As you can see all my pets are doing AWFUL. LOL.

From left to right - Happiness, hunger, thirst, closeness and not pictured is sick.

Choosing a site alignment now adds it to your forum profile as well.

when you dont have one theres an icon with an X and a link to choose one.

Fixed Asylums Riddle corner.

Trading card binder and recipe book are now in the PERSONAL menu

Memorial pets are now set to level 2 and cant go higher- any pets higher were set back to 2, and now when changing a pet to a memorial pet it also changes that pets level to 2- this is because memorial pets arents supposed to be able to fight or anything, and letting htem go to level 3 bypassed this.

You can no longer gift or steal from yourselves.

Still more things in the works! thanks for sticking around!

~Till next time!!!


Date: 2024-01-15 21:51:32
Big update 2- Trading cards, fights and things oh my!by IttermatComments(0)
Hello my darlings!!!!
I have A big update for you!
Before we start make sure you go to Kristhasirah's profile and leave her a thank you! Without her this wouldnt have been done.

First off!
Trading cards!
There are a bunch of new trading cards on site! the hub is in Exploration->trading cards

Once you get there you'll meet Reynaldo! and under him is the list of different options! You can find more detailed info here

There are Card fights against a computer, card fights against Users (through their profile)

You cannot fight your own card- and boosters cant be used at this time. Fighting with certain rarity cards will get you higher rarity.: uncommons>rare Rare>ultra rare pieces Ultra rare> more pieces

I added nearly 200 cards

Booster- 24 cards
Common- 35 cards
Uncommon-53 cards
Rare- 55 cards
Ultra rare- 11 cards

. and you can change card types by clicking on the options
The comedy club (exploration->comedy club) is now open! thanks to for the idea, and the items you can win!!! What you do is go here and try to help your favepet make a joke using the dropdowns to captivate the audience! if you manage to make them laugh you get a prize! Hope you enjoy it! Bee put alotta work into it!

Other things we did--

--Added Chamomile plant to grow, seeds, flower and ability to forage it in the forest and meadow have been added as well as the recipe for chamomile salve

--added encyclopedia info for pet sicknesses, pet traveling, and breeding.

--Redid the bakeneneko shrine maps to be PHP pages, fixed the Popups (thanks to Micolai ) and added a new npc at the shrine.

--fixed the cemetary trail where it wasnt working for people who had fought a monster- the brackets were in the wrong spot

lol... also hopefully fixed the fight monster cron.

--fixed the fight monster cron, and added in Kagerous mail/some prizes

--Edited the Avatar area of the forum so you can no longer upload your own avatar, and notices that you have to use the atrocity one and a link to how to get the info.

--I added this discord channel to the main page of the site (above news) so people can see the mini news cuz its important for keeping track of things.

--added a new area of the discord- Atrocity forum threads and posts... so now when people post on the forum we get notified... this way maybe we can use the forum a bit more often

cuz its kinda dead there- and so maybe important things wont be missed either as Im always updating the forum with information.

--CKEditor now exists when you write a message to a user- as well as atrocity themed smilies

Thats all for this one! Till next time my loves!!



Date: 2023-09-18 20:12:09
Big update part 1- 9-18-23by IttermatComments(0)

I was gonna Do a huge news update post- but I realized it had been too long since I updated the news.. soo heres what we'll call part 1!
We've been working on alot of stuff and I apologize for the radio silence! If you're on discord you can see the smaller updates- so heres the compilation of what we've got so far!

Apothecary shop  (shops->plants)

Theres a new store open for herbalism. Its called the apothecary and Zenon will be glad to help you with all of your herbalist needs!

Adding onto this there is now the ability to forage on certain maps. And you will find items to help you make medicines for pets among other things. As well as new recipes! (we are still adding more plants/recipes as we go- this feature isnt completely finished but it works!)

Pet companions

After working on it for two days you can now equip pet companions to your pets. Each companion (minus certain special ones of course) takes three of the Avatar item and one life egg to create
as with everything we will add more as we go.

While foraging in the meadow you can now run across Worker bees and Queen bees. There is also a new area of your house for keeping those bees.

once you get there you'll find you have to open them then buy each hive.

In my case I already own 3 other hives. You have to buy the hive before it before you can get the next one.
Each hive can hold one queen and up to 5 workers. The page is I think pretty easy to navigate.
However The amount of things you get depends on how many workers you have in the hive- For info on rewards when harvesting you can go here.
You need both at least one worker and a queen in each hive to get any honey, then you wait 7 days after adding them and honey is ready to harvest! (it looks like this [Image: image.png]) if you remove the queen or have 0 workers the clock resets and you have to start over. So if you plan to its better to harvest the honey BEFORE you remove any bees.

Other updates

--All maps have been updated to PHP maps and redone (minus main town- its php but  I still have to redo the images)

--Maps with their new php status have new features, like foraging and finding monsters.

--Monster fights now have a cooldown and open in a new window, as well as appear on their specific areas (minus has no area yet so it still appears in a pet chat bubble for now)

--Pet sickness happening has been tweaked to happen less often.

--Added a checklists area to Forum encyclopedia so people can keep track of items for those who like to collect. Feel free to help me with filling it out. You can get info from Info/staff->site search in the top menu if needed

--Fixed the Ice mountain maps.

--Fixed fish and tackle and brought back Hamatchi.

--Updated encyclopedia info

--Pet can bring back some new items while traveling

--Replaced OH NO texts with new images

---Added pet achievements on a pet profile - and three new item functions to go with this

--Fixed the double plain tshirt issue- Sorry I had to remove them all from everyones inventory.

--Changed the Played with page to have bigger more accessible text for those with issues clicking them because they were so small.

--Turned the broken bottle item into a weapon.

--Fixed an issue with the Recipe book.

Things we're still working on

--Redoing/coding the main map

--adding more areas

--Some new paintbrushes

-A new pet species

--More plants/herbalism/ items etc for herbbalism

--Alignment specific Areas

--More Pet companions

--More enemies and items

--The comedy club

--Halloween town/items/characters etc

--Pride things for next year

--Black market area..

And whatever else I think of or what I forgot in this list hard to remember everything im kinda skipping around lol. I know this doesnt seem like much- but it is XD Lots of work!

Anyway! Till next time my Darlings!

Date: 2023-03-30 12:12:51
Rabbit burrow is open- pet traveling! 3-30-23by IttermatComments(0)

Hello atrocitians!!
As you can guess ive been hard at work as always

Though I do have people to thank for their help with items and codes- Dark Ruby Cheba The Smol Bee  and Kristhasirah !! Without them this wouldnt have gotten done on time!

And now onto the update!!!

Rabbit burrow
Im sure you all remember that scary furry face that made you leave the burrow if you went to the meadow? well now he might let you in...if you pay the toll.

Also once inside there are a few new features and things-
You can help them with their stores- if you get a certain amount you'll get a rabbit delivering you gifts-

as well as sometimes the nurseries baby rabbits get loose- and you need to find them on site

and return them. If you do you will get rewarded.

there is also a race where you can race the captain rabbit once a day-
and a few other surprises. I do hope you enjoy the new area <3

Pet traveling

You can now send pets out to travel the wider world:

upon doing this some choices will dissapear, you cant sell, trade, freeze, pound or release traveling pets.
But while out they will possibly send back postcards, gifts, or messages each week (on monday) to your mailbox.

Hope you enjoy it!

Other things

As for other things- I fixed a bug where you can send a pet to a shop more than once- Now when you do so the page refreshes and it only gives you the option to bring it out.

we also did some fixes to the maid service.

I fixed the color of the light green plastic egg,

and other minor bug fixes mentioned on discord.

I also added a header to the Welcome message with new users, and rewrote the message a little.

I hope you all enjoy this new update!

~Till next time!

Date: 2023-02-19 15:05:00
Some updates- Eves maid serviceby IttermatComments(0)

Hello atrocititans! I've been busy!
And will continue to be for forever lol! any way- I've been doing some minor updates-
I've been working on changing pages over to be PHP so we can do some more stuff on them. I've been updating areas- I've been doing things- For example now you can only run into certain enemies by being on certain pages. for example the dragonsnake and slimes are on the base pages. (Index, main map, and forum) and the ghosts are in the cemetary. I hope to do this better/make a better way for this later- but for now this is what we've got. I made myself a list of things I need to do/work on.. theres one on the Discord server that I admit I update faster/more- and one in the forums-

I fixed pet sickness values- do please let me know if pets get sick too fast still- (not including when you have a super dirty house).
I added that too- I updated houses a bit- you can now make houses dirty by using them, and you have to clean them. sometimes you can find money or find an enemy to fight!

There is now also a maid service you can pay for each week-
Its in the pet care menu-

this is where you meet Eve- She is willing to take care of your pets all week (they update at the beginning of the day) And Clean your house for you each hour.

all you have to do is hire her and she'll take care of the rest!

You can even check in to see whats going on if you return to the page while you have her hired!
mind you the images are a work in progress so they arent all there.. lol.. (same with the house cleaning)

Alright! back to work! Till next time my darlings!!

Date: 2023-02-02 11:49:51
Season of love and the end of the sky tear eventby IttermatComments(0)

I appreciate all who joined in to try to help the Aliens Spike and Poof get home! AS this was the first Event of this kind, I did I know it wasnt perfect and it had issues! I would definately appreciate if you told me what you thought so I can take this input to make the events better in the future <3

In other news we are now in the season of love! When you log in you will get ingredients for Valentines which you can then send to other users!


Craft supplies + Crayon Box + Lovely envelope + Construction paper = Valentine

You can find the ability to send valentines on a users profile ^^
So please have fun sharing love with your fellow atrocitians!

We are still working on things I promise! I know this is a short news post but I prpmise more things are being worked on and I will have more to update with soon <3

~Till next time my darlings!


Date: 2022-12-01 11:19:19
Christmas 2022by IttermatComments(0)
Im a little late to write this news post XD I had surgery a couple days ago and im recovering from that. (no worries Im fine!!) Anyway its the christmas season!! This year its running alongside the sky tear event! How lucky you all get two events this year at once!!! <3

Jingle Has returned to give you goodies and advent calandars and stocking gifts!!! So dont forget to go check it out! The banner is on the front page until 12-31!

I also hope you all are enjoying the sky tear event so far!! I know its not perfect or amazing- but I did put my heart and soul into it and Its a learning process for next time!

~Till next time! <3


Date: 2022-11-19 10:56:21
Sky tear event!!by IttermatComments(0)

Theres something strange going on! You should go check it out! the event lasts until December 31st- unless someone needs me to extend it so they can enjoy the entire event (within reason of course lol)

I decided to release it early because I'll be at my mothers on release day !

I really hope you all enjoy it- we all put alot of work in to it! and please feel free to join in on discussions and trades on the Forums and on the discord server (discussion link , trades link)!
Enjoy!! lemme know if anything goies wrong ^__^

EDIT: I forgot to mention the new crafting recipes!
These are for the crafting box

Wind up wooden bird + Little blue guy cookies + Alien Creature = Space Creature Front
Wind up wooden bird + Little green guy cookies + Alien Creature = Space Creature Back
Space suit + Alien Creature + Concentrated matter = Space Creature avatar

Concentrated matter + Paintball + Strange box + Piece of galaxy + Panic button = Sky tear Paint ball

Sorry about that!!


Date: 2022-11-07 12:35:26
Just a message! 11-7-22by IttermatComments(0)

Hey there everyone!

First off welcome to our new members!! Im so glad to have you here! Please dont hestitate to ask me if you have any issues/need any help!

second- lets welcome three new staff members!

Foxfire- Our encyclopedia filler outer!!

Cheba the smol bee- A new site artist! you've seen her stuff around- but shes official now!


Casino- Our new advertiser! heres hoping they can help spread the word and make things a bit more lively around here!


Otherwise yes ive been working on things! Bug fixes (when told about them) and other addons and things for the site- and my big project is the upcoming sky tear event! Theres no release date as I still have alot of coding to do- and im waiting on images- but I hope to get it out to you all soon!
Heres a map sneak peak.



Theres still a lot left to do for it!

But i will keep going! hahahha...

I did figure out some things to make furture events easier too!

I promise I'm still working on stuff! though I've been silent!

Im still here doing what I do <3

Till next time!


Date: 2022-10-01 11:10:01
Halloween 2022by IttermatComments(1)

Hey atrocitians! Im here to let you know the Halloween event has returned! The bakeneko are back from the shrine to celebrate with you <3

Its the halloween event!

What does this mean?

it means that the bakeneko are back on the site for the holiday! Man do they love Halloween! in fact they've decided to be awesomely nice and share some treasures with you!

But not always for free!
Your pet will find Some Katty Taffy sometimes as you wander the site and forum that you can use to persuade the Bakeneko to let you play! They're also being generous and giving you some free ones everyday!

**You can also now find them on the forums too as you browse there!

Head on over to the Event plaza to start playing! and winning items!

(I admit that the games are not perfect...I am an amateur coder..but I tried!)

There is also Some new items in
Caratrises, Habibis, and Delilahs stores!


As well as some spooky Pet genetics!


You can also do some trick or treating! You just need to visit a Users profile! A banner will randomly appear! and you then can click on it to get prizes!

This is what the banner looks like!

To be able to obtain these items you need to have a Which is available to buy in Habibi's holiday for the Month!
Please Also try to leave a Lovely message on their profile when you find something! we all deserve some love!

also the Scared black cat has returned to fight!

Help Defeat them to win some cool prizes!


Also please Feel free to Join in the Discussion Forum about halloween!

This Event Will Last until October 31st!



Besides this I've been working on bug fixes, and a special one time event!
no release date for it yet! but Im working on it!

~Till next time my lovlies!

Date: 2022-08-04 20:03:17
Huge update/bug fixes, Storage, alignment skills and things oh my! 8-4-22by IttermatComments(0)

NO ONE-- No one... can say I dont work hard XD
Anyway! we have a HUGE Update for you today.... I've been doing alotta stuff!Lets get started!

New Avatar Bases!

Thanks to users Cheba the smol bee and Foxfire there are new avatar bases!

Foxfire helped me figure out how to do snakes! they gave me a base sketch to work from, however they are only available during summer as Snakes hate the cold!

Cheba made some zombie bases!

These are meant to be for her mini world shes creating- and they were avaiilable for a little while- but are no longer available to buy for now.

***Dailies arent updating as they should- I know this... i dunno whats going on there- but its being looked into!

I added new Genetics for The catari, hounda and Rouncey!

**** You can now get achievements for clicking on pets a certain amount!!

***There is now a Pet park on the site- which is a place where you can go to find pets to click/play with- it can be found in the pet care menu- or on the page after you click a pet.

***We have gotten rid of the daily click limit- CLICK AWAY

**Our forum is on Tapatalk- just search for "Atrocity petsite forums" And we should appear. If you cant connect/login- here is how you fix that problem.

***Thanks to the amazing - Kristhasirah you can now sell your stock tickets directly from your portfolio at the CORRECT price.

You can now store items in a storage chest.

YES- this link is finally open! took a while I know! Anyway heres how it works!

Go to your inventory

You'll see a new option under your items called "move/move to chest"

Sooo find what you'd like to store-
For me Im gonna store some trash..

Im gonna move 100 to my chest gotta keep that TRASH SAFE.

So after putting in the amount you click "move"

And it was moved! You do the same thing to return it back to your inventory again-

****NOTE: I know sometimes you'll get an error when moving it back- just try again.

******User foxfire made some instrument toys that are in Camerons toys


****Had To remove the sell with candy option from the user shops- it was causing loads of problems! So if you had a user shop selling pets- they are no longer for sale as I had to reset them.


Something Kristhisarah and I have been working on for days! alignments now have special skills!

There are four skills- (click on the images to go to the forum post explaining more)


I need a break for a while!

Enjoy my lovlies!! <3


Date: 2022-06-29 12:59:51
Pet sicknesses 6-29-2022by IttermatComments(0)

Hello! Im here with a new feature for you all!

Your pets can NOW get sick! Its a random chance- (and a pretty low chance-) but it happens- and when it does This is how you help them!

NOTE:- pet sicknesses are specific to pets- so certain pets get certain maladys other pets wont (and more will be added later on as more pets are also added) Some share because they can also get those problems...anyway!

Sooo heres My pet Tyne- She got sick!

Oh dear- what to do?? Well theres a link there in the Chat bubble that you can take your pet directly to the doctor- (we'll talk more on that in a little bit) Or you can go there other ways.

When your pet is sick all of its stats go down by 5 each page you visit without helping them

You can also see that your pet is sick in their manage page:

SO even if you take them off fave pet- the sickness will remain until you give them medicine.

So heres how to do that-
You can see in both images the "see the doc/visit the doc" links- Click those and you'll be taken to Doctor sizzlings clinic.

here you can see where it says "see the doctor" This doesnt cost you anything. once you click it Sizzling will examine your pet and give you a diagnosis with Medicine referral.

After this you can click "go to the shop- to purchase the medication your pet needs.

Then you just go to your inventory- to the medicine tab- use the specific medicine- in this case its Petto Abysmal-

And your pet is cured!


I really hope you enjoy this new feature- me and Kristhasirah spent like 3 days getting to work. haha..

thats all for now- back to other Parts of the site that need my attention!

~Till next time!


Date: 2022-06-20 18:54:51
Stock market/summer fest updateby IttermatComments(0)
Added in a Stock market sort of feature!

--on Sunday the banner appears to take you to the market page- (this appears on both the index and welcome back page-) You can only buy cakes on sunday if its not sunday the market is not open

--Nana Has cooked a certain amount of the cakes- once they all get sold they're gone for the week.

--Prices on these Cakes change daily- so you want to buy low and sell high with these.

--If you dont sell them by saturday at midnight atrocity time they will get deleted from your inventory.

Other updates

*****We Are still working on the summer festival- its going to be late this year and I apologize! but we're doing our best! Thank you for your patience!
****When you use certain items pets now talk to you! (I do know about the issue with pet images not always appearing here- Im sorry)

****The twitter feed is now on the main page above the news so people can be a bit more updated if they so choose
****Fixed an issue with Registration

****Closet has been fixed

***Added areas of the forum to help you with coloring assets, and so you can be creative with our pets!

****Added some new Genetics to the Catari, Hounda, Feesh and Rouncey:

Watercolor 2- Grey
80's funk black
Water color 3- grey


80's funk white
Pastel Stars
Pastel Stars grey
watercolor 4
watercolor 5
 (for rouncey 4 and 5 are different because of the way the files are currently working for them.. dunno, just lettin ya know lol)

Thats all I got!
~Till next time!


Date: 2022-04-01 11:35:10
Easter Event 2022!by IttermatComments(0)

Hello Ya'll!! Its the easter event 2022!
Hope you're all excited! we put alot of work into this!

The Easter Bunny Boss has returned for revenge!!

Head on over to the event Plaza to check it out!

I tried something a little different this time with it! Hope you like it!

Other info

Your pets can now find Easter eggs on both the forum and the site! use those to play games/ trade in for prizes!

Your pet can now also sometimes run into the Harmless rabbit enemy!

Please check out the Forum post!

Thanks for joining us this year!

Date: 2022-03-19 21:18:58
New shop- easter event, pet backgrounds and more! 3-19-22by IttermatComments(0)

Hello Atrocitians! Its been a bit and Im sorry- but we have indeed been busy!
And heres what we've got for you!

Theres a new shop in town! I know you've been selling things from your inventory- and when doing this you've run into Ace-!

Ace buys your things- Thanks you and then sorta dissapears! Welllll now all those sold items have somewhere to go- Aces resale! You might find something you've been searching for here! Its easy to spot- just go to the shop menu (Exploration->shops) and theres a banner for it right at the top!

even though it SAYS resale- all prices are the regular prices XD


I added more to the site encyclopedia- like telling you where to get what in the mines- as well as redid some stuff in there- and added some new stuff in the mines... switched some stuff about- so I made a post about them.

There is also a new area to go to in your house that pertains to this new mine setup- the ORE REFINERY- You can get the permit from account upgrades just like any other one-

You can go there and siliar to the pizza oven you can use Coal and Some raw gems- to get refined versions of those gems and things..this is also how you get the different bars, like copper, gold, silver etc.

You can get some coal from the coal ine attached to your refinery- or on rare occasions your fave pet can find coal for you (and mention getting dirty doing it)

I lovingly call him Patrick.

Our lovely Dark Ruby helped us with some of the ore/gem images


there is now an Inn you can take your pets to

It works simliar to the house- but more for those who cant afford the permits- they can take their pets here to feed, bathe or give their pet a nap for a small fee and get some stats refilled a bit.
Go say Hi to Caramel for me!


I added a bunch of new things to the rounceys
D= dominant, R= recessive

Spirit ears - R
Puppy ears- D
dragon ears- D
Long downward ears- R

Spirit eyes-R

Spirit feet - R
Spirit crest- R
Gold adornments - R
Dragon feet- D
Foreward horns- R
Curled horns- D

spirit mane- R

Spirit tail- R
Dragon tail- D
Unicorn tail- R
Deer Tail- R
March 9, 2022


Thanks to Kristhasirah and Micolai theres a new feature in the alchemy service!
A recipe book! You need a recipe book item from the Account upgrades shop- but once you have it you can go here and see all the current onsite recipes and how to use them! All organized in neat little tabs!

Later on I hope to be able to add on being able to create the items from here too- but this is what we've got so far- To get here you'll see the option to use your recipe book in the alchemy page!

Thanks to Dark Ruby, Kristhasirah and Micolai you can now add pet backgrounds to your pets to jazz them up a bit!

Pizazz is here to add some awesomeness to your pets! Shes super easy to find you just go to  Explore->shops->petpaints-> Bang up backgrounds!
and to use them you just use them from your inventory and pick the pet its on!
To remove them you simply hit "remove background " from that pets manage page!
more in depth Tutorial for this here
Have fun guys!


~~Fixed the ability to talk to Eyre when you find him... sorry that was my fault I had a captial A instead of a lowercase A in the name... it wasnt working cuz it didnt know where to send it to!

~~All of your pets now show up on your Personal->pets Page thanks to  Kristhasirah

  helping me figure that out!

~~ Went through all Over 1688 Items and some now give your pet EXP also...

~~ Theres a new image for pounded pets- they used to have sad faces depending on species... however with the addition of paintbrushes that no longer worked... so now theres a little icon in a speech bubble.

~~When harvesting crops you now have a chance to get seeds back instead of the product.

~~Pets can now run into slimes- in Red, Orange, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Purple, and Yellow

~~ Added More recipes and items for those recipes-  > Corn off the cob, Corn syrup squares, Cold taco,  Common Crudites,  Corn Fritter,  Deluxe Sandwich, Strawberry Crepes,  Eggy Scramble, Exotic salad,  Grilled Cheese, Frog in a hole, Fruit salad,  Apple jack,  Awesome Stew,  Basic omelette, Berry bowl

~~~ Added a note to the Riddle Corner (which now works on its own) about answers since the code for it is so picky and needs things to be exact..

Thats all for now!

Till next time!

Date: 2022-02-22 12:22:20
--New pet species!--other things 2-22-22by IttermatComments(0)

Hello again everyone! Remember how I told you I was working on stuff? well I still am. XD

Welcome back page Edits/fixes

--1.  There are now Login rewards- depending on how many times a week you login!

2. You can also now collect the items needed to create Valentines untill the end of the month!
 Crayon box + Craft supplies+ Lovely envelope+ Construction paper+ Craft box = valentine!

Still working on making you able to directly send them on a users profile- but until then you can use the gift others page.
Communicate->gift others
Oakley would be glad to help you out!

--Also fixed the send item bug on the gift others page---

---New users no longer get an error on the welcome back page. And theres also now a reminder to adopt a pet/set a fave pet.

---you can now see how many public trades there are- and click to go directly to them

--you can also now see how many pets are in the pound.

New Species

After a bunch of trial and error and so much frusteration - there is now a new pet species to adopt- The ROUNCEY.

You can find them below the Planteras in the adoption center-
I also added a bunch of markings and bodies since I cant really work on actual addons..Heres the list lol some cant be aquired until their respective holiday however.. D = Dominant, R= recessive


ampersand butt - D
candy butt - D
chess butt -R
 valentines crayonhearts -R
 double note butt -R
note butt -D
drawn floral -R
fireblaze 1 -R
flowerlace -D
halloween horror1 -R
pocketwatch butt - R
halloween pumpkin strip -R
shining 1 -R
sparkle lace -D
sparkle squares -R
stipple star -R
vegetable vine - D


butterfly lace- R
camoflauge - D
flower glitter-R
glitter snow-R
hawaiian flower-D
valentines heart pop-D
valentines heartlace curtain-R
halloween horror 1- R
motherboard 1- D
motherboard 2- R
polkadot- D
sparkle sky- R
star lace-R
tribal 1- D
warped paint- R

 New enemy encounters-

All pets now have a chance to run into enemies- Either the Dragonsnake, Angry snowman, Cloudfox, Happy Ghost, or Sad Ghost. There are more to add- I just needed a break. And no, this isnt the Robust huge features ive promised for years with battling (still waiting on that) this is something to hopefully tide you all over until its done. ^^ The fight layout is the same as when battling regularly- just with different enemies and drops to aquire.

Thats all ive got this round <3

Till next time!



Date: 2022-02-10 15:40:51
2-10-2022 -some minor updates-by IttermatComments(1)

Hello! Sorry its been a bit since I last updated and the last update was the farming feature.. well I promise I have been working on things- Its just not easy to do artwork right now since its so cold out and my wrist hates me. But I promise stuff is in the works despite my Radio silence-

Again I usually update/talk/ask more on the discord server- so if you wanna see more updates- be involved in more stuff with the site I would suggest joining there-

In other news we have other things in the works- we are working on a New pet species- Its a horse-type- but theres still a ways to go for that!

---You can no longer view a banned users Profile (they also dont show up in the user list anymore either-)

--- You can also now tell if a crop is harvestable or not-

--- Added two new slot machines to the Casino- Candy and Bead ones. They arent the most amazing- but something!

--The online list no longer tells you how much money a user has- (I thought it was ridiculous and sort of dangerous- and only setting up beggars to know who to beg at.) So now it shows how many crops a user is growing-

---Added in some Croatian names thanks to Cheba the smol bee
"Sinisa", "Pero", "Ljubimir", "Zvonimir", “Mislav”, “Luka”, “Arsen”, “Ivica”, “Domagoj”, “Hrvoje”, “Sasa”, “Damir”, “Davor”, “Mirko”, “Kristijan”, “Marijan”, “Josip”, “Ivona”, “Ana”, “Zeljka”, “Danijela”, “Zvijezdana”, “Tea”, “Mateja”

Its a mix of masculine/feminine.. since there really arent any gender nuetral names I learned XD sooooooo Thanks bee!

---There is a new Welcome screen when you login! You'll notice theres now weather and your fave pets status! I plan to update/upgrade show more stuff and evenutally make the weather do something but for now you have this-

Im also working on some other things, and minor things, as well as major things! Theres alot going on behind the scenes!

But yea thanks for sticking with me!

~Till next time!

Date: 2021-12-19 20:24:36
Farming Feature! 12-19-21by IttermatComments(1)

YES Its finally here! After like....Years of waiting and  3+ days of work on it and thanks to the help from the wonderful Kristhasirah We got the farms working!

Meaning ya'll can grow and Harvest plants now!!! WHAT!

Okay so a quick rundown of the new feature (Full tutorial is here)


those seeds you Got from simmas seed shop are now usable from your inventory.

When you hit use you'll be taken to the page where you choose what adopt can plant the seeds for you- Pick one- they'll plant it!

then you can go to your farm and see it!

once there if you click on one of your plant images you'll get another menu (sort of like manage for pets)

From here it lets you see its stats, see codes to put it on a forum or other site...lets you destroy it if you dont want to grow it anymore.. and lets you harvest it for its produce! (also destroys it)

You can also go to the greenhouse to help people water their plants too!

Simma takes care of it- but shes on break- so you have to do all the work. hahahha...

Thats it! I hope you enjoy this update! and look foreward to what we'll be able to do with it, how we'll be able to improve it, and what cool new plants we can let you guys grow!

Back to work on everything else!!

~Till next time!

Date: 2021-12-14 12:54:45
christmas/snowbaron/other things!by IttermatComments(1)

Sorry for the late news post folks! I was busy fixing issues and stuff before I formally wanted to say anything! So Here we go! its not a super long post but theres some info here anyway!

Theres a new boss till the end of the month- SNOWBARON- Make sure you fight him to help everyone defeat him so we can all get prizes!

Jingle is also back to help everyone celebrate christmas! He'll only be here till The end of december so you'd better get on those awesome prizes and collect your stockings!

I also know there is an issue with closets right now- we are working to fix them- I apologize.. for now if you get an error with the original closet you can use the working but slightly buggy closet2 I do apologize for the trouble... its being worked on I promise

There are also new Pet genetics you can get while snowbaron is around to fight (mind you the time he is here may change at later date but they will always be connected to when snowbaron appears to fight)

There was an issue with User shops but those should be working correctly now.

Thats all I currently have for updates! Again sorry this is being done halfway into the month XD I had to fix problems first.

~Till next time

Date: 2021-10-31 22:11:36
Halloween end- some minor updates/fixes/changesby IttermatComments(0)

Well my darlings its the end of halloween and the bakeneko have wandered back to their shrine- they gave up too many items to you all and need to replenish their inventory for next year!

There are quite a few little things/big things I've changed!

--- The raffle now works on its own, it ends every sunday.. and starts that same day. So check back and try to win big and put your money in the prize pool.

--The memorial pet issue is partially fixed.. they still wont appear correctly in manage or my adopts- but they DO appear on your profile... needs more tweaking

----AGEup points are now called EXP. And Catari, hounda and Feesh can go up to level 20. Its no longer called AGE.
If this happens (see image) It will catch up-and be fine- just refresh a few times.

--The battle training now takes health and mood away, Health and mood reset every day. And you can also earn EXP from winning fights.

---There are now Healing dews in Potters Potions to heal your pet

--Your houses bedroom, bathroom and kitchen now refill some of your pets health, mood, and energy as well. And theres a message when they're Full.

(This image was taken before I added in Energy)

---The paw gem store is now open- For now you get to it by going through the rainbow bridge shop.

----User Cheba the smol bee made some new shirts and pants for in shirttastic and pants and such!

---Made the words when you get a drop bigger cuz you couldnt really see them before!

--On the front page it now says EXP instead of clicks and now also shows that pets level

---I fixed the annoying Layout for new users and top users

---There is now a working mood progress bar-

Thats really all the actual updates I have right now- we are still working on the other big things- and have added an onsite stock market to the mix! hahaha... we just keep piling on the features to do dont we?

Either way thanks for sticking with us!

~Till next time!

Date: 2021-10-01 10:57:26
Halloween 2021 and Pizza Ovensby IttermatComments(4)

Hey atrocitians! Im here to let you know the Halloween event has returned! The bakeneko are back from the shrine to celebrate with you <3

Its the halloween event!

What does this mean?

it means that the bakeneko are back on the site for the holiday! Man do they love Halloween! in fact they've decided to be awesomely nice and share some treasures with you!

But not always for free!
Your pet will find Some Katty Taffy sometimes as you wander the site that you can use to persuade the Bakeneko to let you play! They're also being generous and giving you some free ones everyday!

**You can also now find them on the forums too as you browse there!

Head on over to the Event plaza to start playing! and winning items!

(I admit that the games are not perfect...I am an amateur coder..but I tried!)

There is also Some new items in
Caratrises, Habibis, and Delilahs stores!


As well as some spooky Pet genetics!


You can also do some trick or treating! You just need to visit a Users profile! A banner will randomly appear! and you then can click on it to get prizes!

This is what the banner looks like!

To be able to obtain these items you need to have a Which is available to buy in Habibi's holiday for the Month!
Please Also try to leave a Lovely message on their profile when you find something! we all deserve some love!



Also please Feel free to Join in the Discussion Forum about halloween!

This Event Will Last until October 30th!



Pizza Ovens!

You may notice that your house looks a bit different, same functionality, but theres something new added- a pizza Oven! which you can buy the permit for over at Account upgrades!

What does it do? It lets you cook pizza!

These Pizzas are special in the fact that they Fill your pets meters 100%

How do you get the ingredients?

Well the wood is found by your pet

And the ingredients can either be found at the Supermarket, Farmed foods, Or by exploring the meadow farm and encountering farm animals.
(mind you I may change where you get some of them- but it will always be one of these three as in take some out of the supermarket to get from the farm animals instead- sort of deal.)

Thats all for now! Still working on other stuff too!
Till next time!~

Date: 2021-09-01 17:06:06
Autumn fest is ove and apologies 9-1-2021by IttermatComments(6)

Hello! Today marks the end of the Autumn fest- next holiday even is in October when the Bakeneko come down from the shrine to celebrate halloween.

on another note I do apologize for the lack of updates recently, I was really bummed at all the work I put into the Autumn fest all of the month of July and no one was playing. SO I got a bit depressed and Stopped working on the site for a while-

Sorry.  If I can be candidly honest It can be REALLY REALLY hard to find motivation to work on the site sometimes... as well as frusterating and difficult. Im a one person team right now that CANNOT actually code. So I cant give you guys things and features I would love to give you.. But I do try my best.  And I definately appreciate those of you who continue to stick with me.. and the people who can code who help me out when I break things.

Im doing the best I can on my own with little feedback. So that will have to be good enough right?

I love you all and this isnt meant to be a Sympathy post or anything.

I am back to work on stuff... and I will keep doing what I can while we wait for help/people to finish features for you all. I will always be here. And I will NEVER truly give up on Atrocity... so dont worry- It will exist as long as I do.

And something super helpful if you dont mind helping is to tell your friends and help me advertise If you love my site as I do, help me get more people who will also love it.. If theres more active users- Im sure it will be more fun to be on. So Id appreciate the help.

There are a few updates to mention that I did the past couple days.

It now tells you if a pet is breedable in the adoption center-

And also lets you know the last time a user has logged in in their user profile (under membersince)

Unfortunately thats all I have for now- Gotta go update the theme to be fall because like a moron I forgot to do it last month lol......

back to waiting, and working on what I can.

~Till next time all!

Date: 2021-08-01 14:24:55
Autumn Fest 2021 by IttermatComments(0)

Hello! Its been a while and I apologize- I have been working though! despite how it may look, Im currently still doing things pretty much on my own- so please bear with me...

However we do need to thank-

Micolai and Kristhasirah

For their help getting some codes to work.

Anyway! onto the Autumn fest! From the 1st of August to the 31st your fave pet will sometimes find you a Leaf !   Just click on it in the speech bubble to collect it! Theres a 15 minute timer though before you can get another one!

With these leaves you can go play games at the Festival!

Where you can win some special prizes, avatar bases, addons, and other such things. (Im hoping to be able to add more things to do over the course of the month... but at the same time I may not be able to...Im also hoping that each year /with more help/ these will get better with more things to do and better games.)

Also dont forget to join in Sams Pumpkin carving Contest!

Also dont forget to join in the Forum topic and set up trades for the special items and talk about the festival!

And dont forget to fight Scarecrow Jack Hes here to cause trouble, Put that hay filled monster in his place and help win everyone some special prizes!

Thats all for now!
I hope you have a fun time and win some neato Prizes! <3

~Till next time


Date: 2021-07-07 01:52:36
7-6-2021- new pet genetics, festivals, redraws and candy shopsby IttermatComments(0)

Hello! I've been dilligently working... at the moment its just me (ittermat) and a few bits of help here and there... but im doing the majority of updates- so please be patient with me while I do what I can. XD

Soooo lets get into it.

Things I've done so far-

~I've added new cursors to maps, so you have pawprints when you can click (or directional ones for going diections like left right, up or down) Not only this but if you can cook, fish, mine, dig or what have you it changes for those too! (im still working on the snowmen and the other campfires and the gravestones to be more interactive/better.)

~Added the current site features list back to the main page

~Fixed a security issue with some images- should all work now.

~Thanks to Hall of famer our forums are now integrated in the site- so logging in on the main site now automatically logs you into the forum.

~You can now get trash points for turning in Trash at the Trash-o-matic 3000.

~Redrew Reggie and Daniel.

~There is now a "Candy Shops" Option in the explore menu, it looks a bit rudimentary at the moment, but I will work on making it look nicer and with its own NPC (s), There are also only two shops as of writing this newspost, Paintbrushes and Surprise boxes.

~Added some new summer Genetics.

Those are what I've gotten finished so far...

heres the list of what Im going to work on


~Changing the Firepits on the maps to cook certain foods, like smores, hotdogs, marshmallows and fish- they will make different things depending on what items you have and where they're located.

~Making the Gravestones/cemetary more interactive/better (land of the dead?)

~Making the snowmen more interactive/better

~Finishing the NPC quests

~Adding in festivals and things for certain times of the year (Flower fest, Autumn fest, winterfest, summer fest?)

~Possibly gonna Make human avatars for those who dont want to be an animal

~Making the closet look better

~Other minor things/fixes

~Other things I cant remeber at this moment in time.. XD

Stuff im waiting on from other coders


~Battling Code (with minpets/elements/bosses etc)

~Atrocity War Card game code

~ Spreadable avatar disease code

And more!

I appreciate everyones patient with me <3
~Till next time <3


Date: 2021-06-16 17:36:27
6-16-21- Minor updates- future featuresby IttermatComments(0)

Hey all! Two updates within a week??? Whats up with that?

No seriously I've been tinkering on alot of things you can actually see cuz they're minor fixes/aestheitic stuff so Im still doing those randomly.

Some of the stuff I did-

~I did some forum tinkering/added more info/more threads (PLEASE use the forum... I put alotta work into it x.x)

~If you are having issues resetting your password to get into it- please message me and I'll see about fixing it to let you in. You have an account- already- I had to make them all manually.

~Seasons should now appear correctly in the sidebar.

~There are new pet Paints that will appear in habibi's holiday for the 4th of july and new years day (jan 1st) They are animated firework pets. They have two different names (Firework and Fireworks) but they are the same item and do the same thing.. I just needed to make two seperate items to have it show up on two holidays.

~There is a new calendar on the main page of the site- As you can see right now theres two- one at the top of the page and one at the current events area- The top one is temporary while we work on things so you dont miss events- Cuz once we're more established that whole top area will be gone and you can see the actual index page area instead.

Currently working on:

~Changing the Firepits on the maps to cook certain foods, like smores, hotdogs, marshmallows and fish- they will make different things depending on what items you have and where they're located.

~Possibly gonna Make human avatars for those who dont want to be an animal

~Making the closet look better

~Other minor things/fixes

Still waiting on

~Battling Code (with minpets/elements/bosses etc)

~Atrocity War Card game code

~ Spreadable avatar disease code

And more!

Its hard to remember everything when it comes to writing these out lol!!! Anyway as you can see Im hard at work. I thank all of you for your patience!

~Till next time!

Date: 2021-06-13 02:26:06
Some updates- Beauty contests!by IttermatComments(0)

Its been a while huh??? I do apologize! I've been busy! I recently moved to a new place and there was a lot going on there- I didnt have time to work on the site much- Im very sorry! Im all caught up now and I have a new desk and things are all caught up so I should have time to do so Again!

I swear we will never die lol!!


Yes as it says on the Title! we are holding a beauty contest! I planned to do this earlier but stuff came up and I didnt have the chance! SO im doing it now. It will run from today (6-12-21) To 6-30-21.

To enter I would prefer if you did so on the forums! You can go to this thread! Everyone has a forum account so theres no reason why you cant XD


Site updates

I've done a few tweaks here and there and im working on others and working on other things as well-
but today I added a few more outcomes for plantera and a few more pots.

There is also still the issue of incorrect pets- Do let me know if you run across any- more info on that is in this forum thread-

Till next time!

Date: 2021-03-17 13:22:58
St patricks day/new boss/new items etc!by IttermatComments(0)

Hello and happy st patricks day my darlings! Theres alot to get through so lets get started!!

Some minor updates-

***I've been working still to add npc quests to places... so keep a lookout for that!

****Thanks to user LostinEscape- The energy bar under your pet now works correctly!

***You can now see a pets genetic information under their bio in their profile! (I plan to make/do this a bit better when restless returns and can help but for now this works fine!)

**If you run into an issue with your pet not being in the right category- Ive found a bug where pets species get mixed up somehow so you'll have a hounda appearing as a catari(and in its tab) Or soe other pet... just let me know if this happens to you.. I'll get in the DB and match them to what they look like. We're working on trying to figure out why. XD

***Fixed the "Did you really think this could be bought in this shop?" Problem... Issue was a space in the shopname...Let me know if you find others that do this.

***Theres a new (old) game in the casino- you can now choose to bet candy or beads when coinflipping with Trent. Good luck.


There are some new shop items thanks to user PixelDream.

For the Days of clover (which is march basically)we have:

Habibi's holiday-

Caratrise's candy-


There is also going to be a new boss fight starting today and continuing till the end of march- the clover bear!

If you'd like to see more info about him- and what you can get please go here--

Be on the lookout for the boss fight banner to appear on the main page when everything is ready!

Everyone can attack him once a day- and once defeated everyone can collect the prizes.. (up to five)

Back to work!!

~Till next time!

Date: 2021-03-09 02:54:17
3-8-2021 - lots being worked on! boss fightsby IttermatComments(0)

Hello Atrocitians!

We have some new stuff happening around here! Let me update you!

***New clothes

There are some new clothes- recolorable galaxy clothes-

****Thanks to Pixeldream  theres now a really pretty crystal paintbrush! You cant buy this one in the store though! You have to get this by crafting all the special ores from the crystal caves together! (Air,water,fire and dark)

The information is on the encyclopedia-

This is the area specific to the new pets-

****You can also see that I moved the encyclopedia to the forums.. much easier to update.

***Also thanks to Pixeldream we have some sketchy pets!

These paints are available in the regular shop.

***Npcs now ask you for items/reward you for giving them those items (Still being worked on)
Shop npcs now ask you for things they're looking for!

These are still being added (As there are alot of npcs... ) but they all work the same. The current NPCS that have quests (As of this news post)

Bookstore (Elise)
Catari Necessities (Cheyl)
Caratrises candy (Caratrise)
Delilahs drinks (Delilah)

As mentioned I will keep adding onto this list of npcs. You also get friendship levels with each npc and the higher the friendship the rarer the items they give you. Also you get an achievement when you reach 100 friendship points with them.

***Profile tabs are fixed thanks to Lostinescape. They are awesome and are helping me with a bunch of stuff right now- if you get the chance leave them a nice profile message.

**Boss battles! There will now be boss battles-! They arent as fancy as the upcoming battling update but these are at least something for now- we plan to make holiday bosses and things.

Your pet can attack once a day- and at the end when the enemies hp reaches 0 you can collect prizes.. everyone fights this enemy. (Again it will change to soemthing else this is my test enemy) Again Lostinescape helped me fix this- There will be a banner on the front page when theres a boss to fight !

***Thanks to Kristhasirah we have a much prettier memberlist!

***There are now amounts of the trophies/achievements/medals etc that you have in a tooltip

Thats all I have for this update!

~Till next time
Back to work!

Date: 2021-02-16 22:21:22
some updates! 2-16-2021by IttermatComments(0)

Hey All! apologies for the lack of updates! However if you frequent our discord server- you already know most if not all of this- ! So heres the discord updates compiled together!

Book world updates

All book worlds will now have their own currency that you collect in it and use in it exclusively. For the one we have right now (Cameron and marias) we have the leaf
This will be the norm for book worlds/realms.

I have also changed the shops to reflect this. Not only this but if you collect the right item the shop keeps might ask you for it!

You can also run into some enemies now while exploring certain areas of this book world..

They have their own drops that you can get too-

Atrocity War TCG

We are working on a trading card game for the site- where you can play and collect different atrocity based cards- with Ultra rare ones being things about the characters and lore of the site itself. You will see on your profile an area that says "Challenge me! (coming soon!)" This is where that link will go. It will basically be a one player game where you choose what cards to put in play and which ones to sacrifice if you lose.

(Copied from he discord)

"its not gonna be super like...intensive? the basic idea we have for it is that there are Common, uncommon, rare, and Ultra rare cards.. the rarity tells you how many stats that card has..  (common=1-5, uncommon 5-10, rare 10-15, Ultra rare 15-20) The higher stat wins- but then theres also the elements too- Void, sky, life and arcane. Some elements are weak to other elements.. SO If you have a voic card against a sky card.. and both have 5 for stats.. the sky card wins-

There are also going to be booster cards- and whatnot- but you basically collect the cards- choose the ones to use in play- and if you win you get the cards and some Pieces to either a rare or Ultra rare card-"

All necessary images are done, we're just waiting for the code to be finished.


We are also working on boss battles- where all the users contribute to taking it down by attacking with their fave pet once a day- the age of the pet will determine how hard they attack. once we get the base idea for it working then we caneasily edit it to have like say... holiday specific bosses that drop holiday specific items? but for now Im working on getting this working.


We have a new artist on board- everyone welcome PixelDream, she has made some new addons for your pets!

These are available for both hounda and Catari.

Feather ear, feather tail

Mermaid tail

I (Ittermat) also decided to make some feathered fur to go with these and the griffin beak to make your cataris into birds

Then pixeldream made some beta add ons for the feesh

Shes working on more stuff and im still working on stuff too <3


**Yes we know about the profile tabs issue... trying to figure out whats going on there.

**You can now get a free daily item from Madeline on the front page-

*** I have removed the arcade area from the forum due to flash no longer existing and to avoid possible issues with users computers.

So as you can see we are still working behind the scenes!

~Till next time my lovelies!

Date: 2021-01-01 16:06:14
Happy new year!!! 01-01-2021by IttermatComments(0)


Jingle has gone back home until next year! I hope you all got what you wanted and you enjoyed the event and the items!

Heres hoping this year is much better for all of us! and for more updates and continue growth of our little community!

Please stay safe and healthy everyone!

Till next update!

Date: 2020-12-01 02:44:38
Christmas 2020- new items in the stores!by IttermatComments(0)

First off we done a few things and added some stuff to the stores!!
All of these can be found in Shirttastic.

I've also made a TON of new stuff for the christmas event this year! Click this banner to join in!

Theres a ton of new items to get from the advent calendar, you can get a stocking to open on christmas day and games, as well as The ability to sign up to be someones secret santa!!
I put alot of work into it so I hope you enjoy!!

Thats all I have for this news update!!
Happy holidays!

Date: 2020-11-15 20:09:21
11-15-2020 - a buncha new stuff!by IttermatComments(1)

Konnichiwa Ya'll! Your friendly Site Owner Ittermat here! I've got some new stuff for ya! I've been working off and on on some new stuff- just cuz I enjoy adding new stuff... Unfortunately it has to be new stuff within y realm of ability.. butttt its better than nothing right? At least im tryin!

I redid the Other site icons so they fit better and now have tooltips!

Energy bar needs some tweaking so we added a thing that lets you know the numbers at 100/200 , 50/200 and 0/200

Added some more plantera outcomes too!

The bakeneko shrine will now catch you cheating

~I fixed a few things normal users wont ever see, (mostly in the item creation in the ACP)
~I added an arcade to the forum, there is now games that you can win stuff from if you get a high score.
~You can also buy certain items in the forum shop that you can get on the main site as well.
~There will be items exclusively able to buy on the forums for the main site.

Theres a new Feesh genetic outcome- The chinese dragon

~Fixed an issue with planteras.. XD Lemme know if you find any more broken pet images. (I already know about the one on the manage page- its being worked on)

I dont usually self promote- but I made some cosplay outfits for the characters from my weekly comic.

I also made some more Avatar bases- A few rat/mouse ones.

Thats all for now! please let me know if you run into any problems!

~Till next time!

Date: 2020-11-07 00:49:02
11-6-2020, new updates- new paintbrush!by IttermatComments(0)

Hello! its been a while- hope all are well! I've been working like a busy bee!

Lets start off with some bug fixes and stuff!

Thanks to Hall of Famer the Avatar bug and setting fave pet bug in the profile settings are now fixed!

Thanks to Kristhasirah the issue with being unable to see all of your pets and tabs in your profile is now fixed!

Fixed the bug of painted pets not appearing when liking/clicking!

--Added the newest member and user with the most clicks on the index page.

--Fixed the likes/clicks not appearing under the top pets

--Fixed Cronjobs

--Added The message in a bottle system! It works now! If you find a message in a bottle in the ocean at the beach you can now go to the boat at the dock and hand it over to Ida to open!


The diarys are live now! And Everyone now has a link to theirs on their profile! (Later I wanna make it an image that changes depending on your alignment but for now you get a link.)

WE also spent a very long time making it work and adding things it records- as well as making it look nice! You can see mine here (with all of my expermental entries XD)

mind you new tabs/stuff its recording and whatnot will continue to be added! but for now this works fine!


We've made a very special new paintbrush! called the CANVAS Brush
It can be found in premium pets.

What does it do? It changes your pet into a canvas pet! Which means that it will CHANGE sometimes to be colored with famous paintings!

If you wanna see one of mine you can go here-

Best part is I can keep adding different images for them to be painted with!
If you have a painting you want to see on a pet- please go to this forum topic and post the painting you'd like!

I think thats everything for now!!

~Till next time!

Date: 2020-11-01 02:28:17
10-31-20 - Halloween event is overby IttermatComments(0)

The bakeneko have gone back to the shrine and the season of spooks has come to an end! how was your halloween? Did you get candy? Stay safe?

I hope you had a great holiday and got lots of goodies!

Stay tuned for more updates and the next holiday CHRISTMAS! Meaning the return of the advent calendar and everything else!

thanks for joining us!

See you soon!

Date: 2020-10-16 15:29:15
10-16-20 - some stuff/some fixes Scions casino!by IttermatComments(0)

Hello! Are you all having fun with the bakeneko this halloween? I hope so! Well I have a few things to inform you of (Ive been posting these on discord as I've done them but heres the compiled ones.)

~ Fixed the account page

~Avatar bug is still present Im sorry.

~We have a tumblr now-

~We also have a twitter-

~I swtiched the arcade link back to the old one until I can fix the new layout

~Created accounts for EVERYONE (almost 200 of you) on the forums- you just have to reset your forum password to use it- same email, same username as what you use on the main site) Later when he gets the chance hes going to make new users AUTO connect to the forum- older users still have to go my route. Im also checking to make sure I add everyone who signs up until this is done.

~Added "Forum profile" to users profile pages for direct linking to each one!

~You can vote for us on onlinegamingdirectory now lol -

~The attic in your house is open! (if you have the right permit) What will you find??

~The win big lose big prize wheel is open too! you can find it at the casino/bank

~Energy bar and health bar now appear under fave pet on the sidebar- (they seem to be acting weird- will see about tweaking)

~Fixed the buy energy page... it was half broken..

~Pet energy will no longer go below 0

~You can buy OVER 200 energy... and im fine with that.

~I had to reset everyones candy back to 10- fault. XD

~Added an announcement about the forum accounts to the forum so people know they already have one.

~I know about the SSL/security certificate issue- its being looked into. Sorry!

Date: 2020-10-01 03:58:19
Bakeneko Halloween 2020by IttermatComments(0)
Hello Atrocitians! GUESS WHAT!
Its the halloween event!

What does this mean?

it means that the bakeneko are back on the site for the holiday! Man do they love Halloween! in fact they've decided to be awesomely nice and share some treasures with you!

But not always for free!
Your pet will find Some Katty Taffy sometimes as you wander the site that you can use to persuade the Bakeneko to let you play! They're also being generous and giving you some free ones everyday!

Head on over to the Event plaza to start playing! and winning items!

(I admit that the games are not perfect...I am an amateur coder..but I tried!)

There is also Some new items in Caratrises, Habibis, and Delilahs stores!


You can also do some trick or treating! You just need to visit a Users profile! A banner will randomly appear! and you then can click on it to get prizes!

This is what the banner looks like!

To be able to obtain these items you need to have a Which is available to buy in Habibi's holiday for the Month!
Please Also try to leave a Lovely message on their profile when you find something! we all deserve soe love!

Also please Feel free to Join in the Discussion Forum about halloween!

This Event Will Last until October 30th!



Date: 2020-09-27 01:26:14
9-26-20 New forums other small tweaksby IttermatComments(0)
My Friend User Micolai and I were working to try to fix the forums that havent been finished yet- and since we couldnt do it.. we decided to instead get a my bb forum- So I spent my day working on getting that squared away and working.. as well as a few minor updates- (nothing really worth mentioning-) We're gonna still be tweaking stuff on it- but you are welcome to join, as you have to reregister on there unfortunately...theres no way to bring the users from the preexisting Database over... (PLEASE USE THE SAME USERNAME THAT YOU USE HERE) There are two ways to get to it-!

 but you can see it either here-  Its also found in the communicate menu->Forums(if you want it embedded in the site- OR you can open it in its own window- (Either by the link at the top of the page- Or by going here-

The theme is also a work in progress- hopefully we'll have a better matching one by the end of the weekend!

There are also a couple tutorials I made.. one is how to use your Atrocity avatar on the forum, and the other is how to add your companions to the Forum too!

Alright back to work.. I've been workin on that and some new avatar clothes and whatnot!

Till next time my lovelies!


Date: 2020-09-26 16:45:07
Beauty contest! (ENDED)by IttermatComments(4)

The winners are both contestants! it was a tie! <3 Congrats! Jamie and Micolai!! I'll send out your winnings here in a few moments!


Hey there! we're gonna throw a beauty contest for onsite pets!

(these will be moved to the forums when the forums are finished... for now- we got the news to use lol)

Enter your pets by commenting on this news post! Link me to the Atrocity pet you want to enter! (only one pet per user)
Dont forget to write a short note about why you think your pet is beautiful!

Then our users can vote on who they think is most beautiful!

Contest entry ends on 8-7-2020

1st place Winner gets a gold trophy , 150,000 beads, 10 candy and their choice of any paintbrush

2nd place gets 50,000 beads and a silver trophy, and 5 candy

3rd place gets 25,000 beads and a bronze trophy!

Enter enter enter!

I cant wait to see what you show us!


1.Micolai with Ainu!

2.Jamie with Arum!


Date: 2020-04-27 16:45:49
Omg new stuff is happening! 4-27-2020by IttermatComments(2)

I dont know if any of you are as excited as i am but omg stuff is happening around here! And being worked on around here too!
Restless has returned! And its soooo wonderful to have her back!
She is also now co owner of the site! CONGRATS!

As for whats new? The
lab in the adopts area is now open! You can create a pet to your own specifications! Its been coming soon for 4 years and Im so glad to see it finally functional!

Though keep in mind that on relaunch everyones stuff will get deleted (besides their candy amount) So feel free to play around- but if you dont wanna waste your precious candy feel free to wait before committing!

we will also let you all know ahead of time before we delete everything so you have time to possibly trade in your beads for all the candy you can manage XD and keep that on the roll over- (then if you want you can switch them back to beads and be rich wut? I didnt say anything!)

We are also working on avatar and the farm/garden orchard- (Or rather Restless is? XD God shes awesome So hopefully we'll see that update soon- but lets not rush her ^^)

There is also a new pet species! YAY Planteras! I have a cat-ctus named Ryan...he is my baby boo and I love him...
(I know this image/link will be broken on relaunch lol)
How can you not love that face? XD There arent alot of outcomes yet and they arent breedable, but i mean come on- a plant?? We're breaking new ground around this joint!

We're working on more stuff for them in between the rest of it!
If anyone wants to help create anything on the site please do get ahold of me! We are always open to submissions! We WANT to see your creativity! So please share! Dont be scared we dont care how badly or well you draw! <3

Ahh man theres other stuff...Like a secret pet outcome you can get from a certain coin and the new plant pets...its quite the.."little horror..." If you know what I mean..?

I guess thats all im gonna divulge for now! we'll keep working on stuff! Love you all! <3

Date: 2019-12-31 16:46:07
12-31-19- Happy new year!by IttermatComments(0)

Jingle has gone home for the year! he'll be back again next December!

There are some new things happening around here! we're gonna have a new layout- the farm and Avatars are being worked on- battling is being finished- the forum might get finished too! Though it seems like its quiet around here there is alot happening behind the scenes! So we appreciate your patience as we go into the new year and hopefully we have loads of new things to show you!

Thank you for sticking with us this long!

~till next time.


Date: 2019-12-01 16:46:29
Christmas season- Redone mine level 6by IttermatComments(0)

Hello! Its been a bit and for that I'm sorry! Its been a bit hectic and my coders are busy for the holiday season! Hopefully we'll get stuff done again soon until then im gonan do what I can inbetween it all.

As Im sure you've all noticed Jingle is back! Theres an advent calendar with things- and a claw game to win prizes from as well as some pages you can do to win medal. Jingle is only around till the end of december! So get the stuff while you can!

I also redid the last level of the mine- Now instead of finding the entire item you have to find the pieces to the items- and then use alchemy to put them together- Here are the new recipes!
You need a Toolbox for these

Butterfly hairclip = Butterfly hairclip piece 1 Butterfly hairclip piece 2Butterfly hairclip piece 3

Wooden chicken=Wooden chicken piece 1Wooden chicken piece 2Wooden chicken piece 3Wooden chicken piece 4Wooden chicken piece 5
Old glove=Old Glove piece 1Old Glove piece 2Old glove piece 3
Old pendant=Old Pendant Piece 1Old Pendant Piece 2Old Pendant Piece 3
Old mirror=Old Mirror piece 1Old Mirror piece 2Old Mirror piece 4Old Mirror piece 5
Strange cube=Strange cube Piece 1Strange cube Piece 2Strange cube Piece 3Strange cube Piece 4Strange cube Piece 5
Old manuscript=Old Manuscript piece 1Old Manuscript piece 2Old Manuscript piece 3Old Manuscript piece 4
Wooden apple=Wooden Apple piece 1Wooden Apple piece 2Wooden Apple piece 3Wooden Apple piece 4

Not only this but the prices for these items have been increased! with complete artifacts being worth 1million beads each! So Its worth visiting the mine every day if you wanna make some Site money!

I've also been working on Adding the Alchemy recipes to the Encyclopedia!
They wont all be there right away because it takes a while to add it all- but Im working on it!

Avatars and the farm are back being worked on too! but I dont have an ETA on when it will be done! Same with all the other things in the works XD My coders are busy right now.

Thank you all so much for your patience!!
~Till next time!

Date: 2019-11-01 16:46:48
Halloweens over! 11-01-19by IttermatComments(0)

Thank you all for joining us! the candies been put away, The Bakeneko have returned to the Shrine until next year and everyone is going to start hurrying and worrying about christmas (And those other updates) next! Thanks for joining us and we hope you got lots of goodies!

Back to work!

Love ya'll!

Date: 2019-10-27 16:48:20
TRICK OR TREAT! 10-27-19by IttermatComments(0)

Hey there! I hope everyone will have an awesomely happy halloween! However until then we get to trick or treat early on site!

This banner-

will randomly appear on users profiles! Click it to trick or treat there! and possibly get prizes!  However you need to go buy a Trick or treat bag from Habibi's holiday before you can get prizes! After all you need a place to store them right??

Also It would be nice if you left a nice comment on their profiles thanking them! Lets spread some love!

This event will last until nov 1st.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

we're still working on everything else!! <3

Date: 2019-10-01 16:48:39
new genetics! HALLOWEEENNNNN!by IttermatComments(0)

The halloween event has started! So please join in and play some games!
(You can find Katty taffy by wandering the site)

we'll do our best to keep adding what we can over the course of the month- but honestly at the moment im the only one on the case (with a little help from a couple friends) so please be patient... I will do what I can I promise!

NOW! onto the new genetics (currently only for hounda- I think theres more in the works?) These were made by the wonderful
SHIBA! (Evey on the discord channels) so if you want please tell her she did a good job!

SO FIRST OFF here are the New hounda body parts for the Ghost mummy hounda:

Parts from the radioactive hounda

Parts for the Spider hounda!

There ya go! Thats all for now!! We'll keep working!

~Till next time!


Date: 2019-09-16 16:49:08
New pet paints! 9-16-2019by IttermatComments(0)

Hi there! Its been a while haha..(unless you've paid attention to the discord server) I have some new stuff for ya! We made pet paints! Special items that change the look of your pets!
However they do NOT

~Change genetics
~You cannot breed them to get more of those painted pets.. ex: Rainbow+Rainbow WILL NOT= rainbow! you will get a baby of the original genetics.

Where can you get them? At
Premium pets!

*Note* Yes the rainbow pets have a Paintbrush- I made these a long time ago when we were going to use that to differenciate between normal and painted- You'll see this a couple times- being animated there was no way to remove the paintbrushes without redoing them completely.

Heres what you can currently get! (You can also
GO HERE For the list)

Rainbow Coin-

Catari = OR

Hounda=  OR

Feesh= OR

Mythic Coin-

Catari= OR

Hounda= OR

Feesh= OR

Tooltips also work again! <3

I promise we are still working on everything else! Theres alot happening back here.. but I also am mainly waiting on codes <3 but people have lives so I appreciate your patience! Stick with us! Great things are coming! <3 And I'll keep doing what I can while we wait!

~Till next time!


Date: 2019-07-20 16:49:24
Some new stuff! new world new items and recipes!by IttermatComments(1)


You're all so patient with us and I do dearly appreciate it!

OKAY! theres quite a bit to unpack here! and more to appear in the future!

~First off theres a new world to visit! You can now go into Maria and Camerons Sketchbook world!

You can do this two different ways
1. Explore-> visit a book world
2. Explore-> main town (on map) ->Library-> check out a book

Its also a very good base for those of you who might want to SUBMIT your own world for people to visit! There will still be additions to this one and things (more items more stuff etc) but thats more in the future.

There are also some new Items and Recipes- with again more to appear later! We're always trying to update and add to the site- (even if its minor things..that we dont actually mention..)

From Maria and Camerons world we have:


Other new items are!

Bag of ice Bag of ice Found in the Supermarket   


Hammer and Anvil (In wickers weapons)
Helmet base - (in Allans Armory)

Shield base (in Allans armory)
Sword base (in Wickers weapons)

New crafting recipes!

Childs Fish + Potatoes + Spice Pack + = Battered Fish and Chips

Childs Fish+Cheese Block+Peas+Potatoes+Spice Pack+= Cheesy Fish Fantasy


Bag of ice+Childs Orange+Sugar+=Orange juice
Bag of ice+Childs lemon+Sugar+=Lemonade
Bag of ice+Childs Lime+Sugar+=Limeade
Bag of ice+Childs Apple+Sugar+=Apple juice

Iron Bar+ + Rope Piece+ Cat Fur+ Cat Claws= Rope and claw
Wood Logs+Pearls+Gold Bar+Shield base+= Wooden shield

Sherlock Holmes Book+ Gold Bar+
Rope Piece+=Shiny Golden Bookmark
Alice in Wonderland Book+ Gold Bar+Rope Piece+=Shiny Golden Bookmark

Homegrown Apple+Bag of ice+Sugar
+=Apple juice
Homegrown Orange+Bag of ice+Sugar+=Orange juice

More to come in the future!!
Also yes we are still working on moving, battling and everything else! I do apologize but my helpers do have lives and they've all been busy recently! So hopefully you can accept me continuing to work while we wait for them all to catch up and help once more ^^

Till next time my lovlies!



Date: 2019-05-17 16:49:40
Beauty contest over!! WINNER/other small thingsby IttermatComments(0)

Well only one person entered the beauty contest! Our artist Darrow! So she wins as she had no competition!


Please join us for the next one!

--Other news

-we are aware of the template issues- it was due to a mandatory java update- its being worked on.

---Battling is being put on hold due to the person coding it for us- their computer is dead..luckily they saved their files! but we'll have to wait till she gets another computer before she can continue- Thank you again fo your patience!

--the calendar is giving me trouble- Im working on it lol.

Thats all for now! <3

Date: 2020-09-26 16:49:57
Beauty contest!! ENTRIES!!by IttermatComments(1)

Hey there! we're gonna throw a beauty contest for onsite pets!

(these will be moved to the forums when the forums are finished... for now- we got the news to use lol)

Enter your pets by commenting on this news post! Link me to the Atrocity pet you want to enter!
Dont forget to write a short note about why you think your pet is beautiful!

Then our users can vote on who they think is most beautiful!

Contest entry ends on 5-16-2019

1st place Winner gets a gold trophy , 150,000 beads, and 10 candy!

2nd place gets 50,000 beads and a silver trophy!

3rd place gets 25,000 beads and a bronze trophy!

Enter enter enter!

I cant wait to see what you show us!
Current entries

Darrow with invisibella

Date: 2019-04-02 20:32:43
Houses 2! and other stuff!by IttermatComments(1)

Hey there! I've got houses mostly finished! For some more info PLEASE go to the original post.  

However I do have a pretty biggish..? update for you guys! All the rooms but the attic are open!

And hopefully that will be done soon too! (Still working on the laboratory though... that might take a bit...we'll see!)

Okay! first things first!

~~ I added a petcare menu- makes things a bit more organized.. and removes that super long explore menu.

~~There is now a Casino/bank option... As Scion is the bigwig who owns most of the things on Atrocity..(like the bank and the auction house (when thats done) It makes sense that he'll try to take as much money out of you as possible... So now he has an all in one system to do that... its in the explore menu. Great right?....

~~There is now a discord button down in the bottom right of the screen- you can now chat on it while you wander the site- Or go to it for the faster updates  ( in #news) I mention on Discord before I do these bigger ones. HURRAY!

~~We redid the index page! I spent like 4 days trying to do it on my own... but I had to ask for help... isnt it pretty?! You can now see the top pets...and a few pets that are in the pound too! (They need love too!)

Okay so the current rooms we have are:

--Bathroom- You send your bet for a bath- they regain a random amount of happiness.
--Bedroom- You send your pet for a nap- they regain a random amount of Closeness
--Kitchen- You give you pet a snack - they regain a random amount of Hunger/thirst
--Backyard- You send your pet to wander the backyard! They can find a random item! (Items drawn by Artist Rubyz See below)

~~Forums are still being worked on, Battling is still being worked on too. I appreciate your patience.. XD I've been working on the colors of pets and things so we have quite a few to add when all thats finished.

I think thats everything for now? If not.. Sorry... XD
Till next time <3

Date: 2019-04-18 15:35:33
Update! HOUSES!by IttermatComments(0)

Yes! you now can have a house to do stuff in! Currently only the backyard is available- but the rest are to come soon!

Dont forget to go to Cora at
Account upgrades To grab your new permits!

Now for the big question! What do these rooms do?

Attic- Lets you search once a day to possibly find what random things might be stored up there! You never know what you'll find (Ability to find any item on the site!)

Bedroom - Puts your pet to bed to regain a random amount of happiness (and later hp as well)

Bathroom- Gives your pet a bath to replenish a random amount of Closeness (Mana later as well)

 --Laboratory/kitchen- a free alchemy service from the comfort of your own home! (no animation made yet)

Backyard- Search the backyard for exclusive items 5 times a day!

Though the permits are expensive you'll never have to buy them again after the fist purchase (Unless you trade./sell it.) as long as the permit is in your inventory you can use the house rooms.

Now for the other updates Im working on- (besides the rest of the house rooms)

~ Redoing the index page

~adding a prize wheel

~Making scions casino area

~more stuff for the battling update..

~minor fixes around the site...

~More stuff... srsly..

My work is never done!! <3 till next time !


Date: 2020-09-26 16:50:58
Still working I promise!by IttermatComments(0)

Hey! I promise Atrocitians stuff is still in the works! Last I checked Battling was 95% done! so soon! heres some fun things you can expect from that! (will give more details on the actual update but heres the basics)

--breedable/sellable minipets

-Elements with weaknesses

--Pet leveling/minipet leveling

--the ability to teach your minipet up to 3 more spells! (they come with one random one)

-Equipment/armor/weapons of awesomeness to help your pets stats!

--new minipets

--new NPCS

-Pet sicknesses/Medicines

-health bars/mana bars

- Owner alignement specific elements for pets (Ie a Dark ghosts pets will be void element- where a light dragons pets will be life)

-more addons/markings

-minipet hermit crabs with changeable shells

A TON MORE! Seriously when this update goes live it will be huge! we might have to do it in a couple parts... I DONT KNOW but I it will be amazing! So thank you so much for your patience! and I appreciate your continued patience I promise we're working hard!

Date: 2019-01-21 16:59:48
An update for you guys!by IttermatComments(0)

Hey there! Im sorry its been so long since an update!
I promise stuff is still being worked on- Battling is still in the works- and it will be a HUGE update!

we're also working on bug fixes around the board- and getting new actually better games in the arcade- fixing the Dailys (so they actually work)
The bank has been fixed. We've fixed the buying and selling of pets in user shops. Hopefully we can add the ablity to sell items too but thats for a future update-
in fact theres a ton of things for the future!
Houses, alignment specific abilities, A wheel game or  three- Actually readable books and a library for you to store your books in to read anytime, Pet jobs, Pet training, better training for the minipets...
Pet sicknesses and medicines, more Alchemy recipes, better minipets (meaning we'll have to get rid of all the minipets currently on site sorry!) The ability to give gifts, fixing the raffle to work on its own... Theres alot more in the works too!

ALSO theres a forum being worked on too! So when thats actually useable I'll let you know! Until then please stay off of it XD Its being worked on and fixed and if you post you might mess things up.
Thank you so much for your patience so far! I swear stuff is in the works!
~Till next time!


Date: 2019-01-01 18:06:12
Happy new year!by IttermatComments(0)

Jingle has gone back home and we ring in the new year!
Tons of things are still in the works! and I appreciate your patience!

Heres hoping the new year is wonderful for us all!
Have a great day! until next time!


Date: 2019-03-20 03:23:27
Advent calendar!by IttermatComments(0)

Hey Atrocitians!
Its that time of year! Time for the advent calendar to celebrate the holiday season!

All throughout December you can stop in and send a pet to bring you a prize!
This however means that Unfortunately the Bakeneko have gone back to the shrine until next year! And you pets will not longer pick up Taffys! however Save em for Next time!

we are otherwise still workin on a lot of things- Battling is still in the works, and we're working on addign the forum onsite too!
As well as more items, more recipes..etc.. I mean we're working!




Date: 2018-11-07 01:01:41
New Items/new minipets, trash o matic!by IttermatComments(0)

Theres a new area to go to! and a new way to get rid of those things your fave pet picks up that are taking up space in your inventory!

Just go see the two raccoon brothers Daniel and Reggie and their
Trash-O-Matic 3000!

Its a very sophisticated Machine- built by their own two hands! You put junk in- get something else out! (mind you we're still creating items for this thing- so be patient and check back to see what can be clicked on!) At the moment you can only turn in Trash.

But theres new items!
A sewing Box and a Tool box in
Caseys crafts

Some new minipets (but I wont tell you how to get them...its a secrettttt)

and some new items that I also wont tell you how to get! (ALSO A SECRET!)

As well as some new crafting recipes that are also SUPER SECRET!

Arent I the worst????

Stay tuned we're still workin! <3


Date: 2018-11-06 02:17:44
New scratchoff tickets!by IttermatComments(0)

You can now buy Scratchoff tickets from Gabbys raffle area! 

You can buy Bronze, Silver and Gold and possibly win beads! And when I figure it out the gold ones might have a chance to give you candy!

Please let me know if theres any issues!


Date: 2018-11-04 20:15:09
New Items/pets/ alchemyby IttermatComments(0)

New recipes/items!
Finally something to use those fish for! hahaha (I'll probably make more things in the future!


*any of these fish
+ Potatoes
Potatoes  +spice pack Spice Pack  = Battered Fish and Chips Battered fish and Chips

*Any of these fish


+Cheese blockCheese Block  + peasPeas +  potatoesPotatoes + spice packSpice Pack =   Cheesy Fish Fantasycheesy fish fantasy

*Any of these lobsters
Ice LobsterIce lobster or Blue LobsterBlue lobster + 
Butterbutter+ Spice PackSpice pack + Homegrown Lemonshomegrown Lemons =   Ice lobster mealice lobster dinner

 Red LobsterRed lobster+  Butterbutter+ Spice PackSpice pack +Homegrown Lemons homegrown Lemons =  Lobster mealLobster dinner

Rock Lobster rock lobster+  Butterbutter+ Spice PackSpice pack + Homegrown Lemonshomegrown Lemons =  Rock lobster mealrock lobster dinner

Crafting box 

Any of these fish-
Any goldfish , or Any betta
   , or any guppy , or any angel fish +   empty fish bowl + Puddle in a Bottle   = Fish minipet (image changes depending on fish used)
These are new minipets you can use in battle and they can get a random Element.

We're also still working on the battling update and adding more things/recipes whatnot to the site- please stay tuned for updates!

Date: 2018-11-01 04:10:41
Bakeneko Halloween 2018!by IttermatComments(0)

The bakeneko have returned to the site!
Bakeneko Halloween is here!

Nov 1st- 30th there will be games to play on the site and special pet addons and markings! There will be new items added as the month goes on and new markings too! )possibly even the battling update with monsters to fight there too (but no promises!) Please come join us! Your pet will find you Katty Taffys as you roam the site- which is your ticket to play the games! Please let me know if theres any issues!


Date: 2018-07-25 12:48:03
Atrocity Discord!by IttermatComments(0)
We have a discord now- at least for while we wait for the forums!! Come join us!

Please use the same username you're using on this site!


Date: 2018-05-13 03:50:37
Some tweaks! and a few new things!by IttermatComments(1)

So! theres some new things!

1. I redid some of the alchemy to make more sense....they can have more ingredients now! heres what I changed!

Brownies=Egg CartonMilk CartonChocolate FrostingBrownie Mix
Vegetable Soup=Canned Green BeansPotatoesOnionsCarrotsMilk Carton
Vanilla Cupcakes/Strawberry Cupcakes/Chocolate Cupcakes=Milk CartonEgg CartonVanilla Frosting/Chocolate Frosting/Strawberry FrostingCupcake Mix
Sugar Cookies= Egg CartonMilk CartonSugarCookie Mix
Salad=CarrotsTomatoesSalad DressingLettuce
Pumpkin Pie=Egg CartonMilk CartonFlourPumpkin
Peanut Butter Cookies=Egg CartonMilk CartonCookie MixPeanut Butter
Meatloaf=BreadGround MeatKetchup
Chocolate Chip Cookies=Egg CartonMilk CartonChocolate ChipsCookie Mix
Chicken Noodle Soup=Milk CartonTomatoesCarrotsChicken
BLT Sandwich=TomatoesLettuceBreadBacon
As you can see they can now have more ingredients! YAY! More recipes and ingredients to come in the future!

2. Cinders pet companions are now open!
you can now go buy little mini pets to give to your pet! And later they'll help them fight! There are also many mini pets to find on the site! For example... the top of the mountain in the forest?...maybe? Or maybe you should try searching for that lost dog in the ice mountains?...or perhaps the meadow has something interesting? You can also get specific ones from enemies you battle (coming soon)

3. The pet profiles have been redone!

4. Other tweaks/adds and fixes getting ready for bigger updates!

5. more stuff is still in the works! check back soon!

Date: 2018-05-03 21:16:33
Alchemy redo and Raising center!by IttermatComments(0)

Hey there Atrocitians!

We have a couple new things to share with you!


The new raising center!

Its to get more clicks on your pets so they'll grow up faster!  The link is under the daycare in the side bar! By putting your pets here you will have them there either for a specific amount of clicks you need- To put a pet in there you simply go to their manage page- then on get more clicks at the bottom- from there you can set the price for advertising your pet!

300 beads as a base and 20 beads each additional click you want. They will remain there until the set amount is achieved!


I've redone how alchemy works- instead of finding/buying the recipes that tell you what to use- you now have the choice of using different tools- Like a pot, and over, a knife, a mixing bowl- etc... these are found at Caseys crafts. they do not get used when you use them in a recipe- but you also no longer get told what the recipe is for an item!

More tools and things will be added in the future- as well as more recipes and Products you can make. but for now this is what we've got!

Heres the current recipes:
(not including holiday ones)
Pot recipes
Milk CartonCarrots = Vegetable Soup               

Chicken +      CarrotsChicken Noodle Soup

Knife recipes

Cupcake Mix  + Vanilla FrostingVanilla Cupcakes

Blank cake   +  Vanilla Frosting  = Vanilla Cake

Strawberry Frosting  + 
Blank cake  =  Strawberry Cake

Chocolate Frosting
Cupcake MixChocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate FrostingBlank cake  = Chocolate Cake
Bacon + Bread  = BLT Sandwich

Oven Recipes

Turkey + Spice Pack= Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner
Cookie Mix+Sugar=Sugar Cookies
Pumpkin+ Flour = Pumpkin Pie
Peanut Butter+Cookie Mix =Peanut Butter Cookies
Ground Meat+Ketchup=
Canned Green Beans+ Milk Carton=Green Bean Casserole
Cookie Mix+ Chocolate Chips=Chocolate Chip Cookies
Potatoes+Butter=Baked Potato

Cake Mix+Milk Carton=Blank cake
Mixing bowl recipes
Flour+Bottle of Water=Dough

Lettuce+Salad Dressing=Salad
Potatoes+Salt and Pepper=
Mashed Potatoes
crafting box recipes
Worm+Small Block of Cheese=Worm Bait
Ice Worm+Ice Cube=Ice Worm Bait
Rock Worm+Rocks=Rock Worm Bait


we are also still working on our new forum, and a bunch of new updates! and items, pet markings and everything else! stay tuned!!!

~Till next time!


Date: 2018-04-21 17:03:20
Some new things!by IttermatComments(0)
We've added a few new things and we're working on others!

~the new forum is almost finished (I believe) we have some bugs/things to work out and some integrating to do- But we're working on it..~

~You can now choose an alignment to be in! Just go to your profile and you'll see that you dont have one! just click the link there to choose! These will be somewhat important later- for ways to get specific items/go to specific places, as well as certain aesthetic changes.

~we squashed a few bugs! hurray! No exterminator needed!

~Elements are in the works... depending on what Alignment you choose will decide which element your adopted pets will be. So for example- if you choose Dark ghost- all of your adopted pets will have the arcane element... Light dragon will have Sky etc. This was to get a pet not in your element you will need to trade with other users.

~Minipets are also in the works- They will be random elements for the most part- meaning you could buy two mini catari pets and they could both be different elements despite being the same animal... however certain ones will always be the same element... Like say... the bakeneko mini pets will always be arcane. The fish ones will always be life... that kinda thing.

~A better battling system is also in the works...

~Houses for your pets are in the future too!

~better Status bars/things are in the works. Your pets will be injured depending on their Hp. You'll have to heal them. They will also be able to get sick... you'll have to help them there too!

~Running away- in the future I want your pets to run away if you dont take good care of them. (Like leave them at 0 for a long time) If they are stored in the kennel (Future feature) Or frozen they wont... however I will not make them do this for a while yet.

Stay tuned! theres more coming in the future!

~Till next time!

Date: 2018-04-12 12:31:39
Some updates!by IttermatComments(0)
So heres a little of current and to look for changes-
-Better asthetics in the areas.. (Mail, and user profiles currently finished/almost done)
-I'm currently working to bring the map and the dialougue of the bakenekos and the Shrine completely on site- its gonna take some finagling so give me some time.
~You can now bribe Eyre with a Hanafuda card to get to the shrine- (more on how to get one of those at a later date) This way when you find him you wont have to go through the dialougue every single time to get there.
-A new forum should be in the works soon.
~We're gonna also add better mood/happiness/thirst meters... some new NPCS and hopefully at least the ability to equip/armors/weapons/pet companions and items- which will later be used when we get the battling system going! (I dunno when that will be however) and alot more honestly.... theres alot going on!
~Stay tuned! I'll try to keep you updated with it all!

Date: 2018-04-08 21:09:02
OMG theres news!by IttermatComments(0)
We managed to get a coder to help us for a while so look foreward to stuff getting done and fixed! WE're working on aesthetics and new features/updates to features... Pets should now talk less and find things less (if theres a problem with this please let me know) Also houndas now find a special item....It will be useful when I get other things finished and the other pets will also find special items later on! We just need to fix a specific mod before I can actually Add that particular thing!

However when more things are done I will give a news post updating you all with what we fixed!

Stay tuned! And please go Tell Dinocanid Thank you for all his help!

~Till next time!

Date: 2017-10-16 14:52:52
Stuff is being done! 10-16-2017by IttermatComments(0)
Our Coder has returned! And I am soooooo happy! 8-)I felt bad with how stagnant the site was getting, but now when we have free time we're gonna be working on it! YAY.. :-* both of us are super busy so I appreciate the patience! Heres a list of what we're working on and that you can look foreward to currently! :o

(:))~ We're working to add the farm/orchard/Garden and opening Simma's seeds so you can use the new areas!

(:))~ Redoing and adding recipes- Making them make more sense and whatnot... I.E instead of adding flour and icing to make a cake- instead you'd have to add flour and water to make dough- then dough and icing for the cake.. Unless they're special recipes Im gonna change the Images to something more generic- but the description will still tell you what to do in it.

(:))~ Making things more aesthetically pleasing and more user friendly- I have a bunch of layouts and ideas for how to do this- Making trades easier/better looking, fixing the bank, making breeding look better/easier- alchemy, the game area- It all needs work.

(:))~ Redoing the maps.. - Yes...Im still working on this- it takes a while! XD

(:))~ Bringing the maze completely onsite - Im working on making the shrine and maze work better- and less able to be cheated at.. as well as automatically giving you your prizes and whatnot.

(:))~ Working to add Pet companions and Holdable Items - Your pets need pets too! Later they'll be used for battlin- but for now they're just a trophy for your profile.

(:))~ Turning the encyclopedia into something sorta useful! (however the Wiki page will still give much more info- but this is a quick look kinda thing)

(:))~ Working to add more games to the arcade! simply modded games that are open source- but something else to do on site <3 Later there will be trophies and highscores and whatnot- but for now just somethin to do!

This in a way is also a list for me- to remember my current plans- but heres what to look foreward to! Remember theres only two of us doing all of this- and we both have sort of busy lives- so please be patient <3

And thank you for your patience so far!!

~Till next time!!

Date: 2017-10-14 15:26:47
Maps are fixed! 10-14-2017by IttermatComments(0)
Omfg Im sorry it took That long to bring functionality back to the site... I moved, I worked alot- I got two new pets... I've been so busy...Im soooooo sorry! x_x

Part of my issue was that the site kept freezing when I'd try to edit the pages- so I eventually had to just go edit them in PHP my admin...rather than where I should have been able to in the first place- Our coders are still missing- I am the sad... I really want stuff to happen on the site.. but Its not really possible right now. Im sorry. I'll still be searching though- Maybe we'll get someone who wont dissapear.. (though Je vous's dissapearance is understandable- im not mad.)

Okay until next time! <3

Date: 2017-07-22 00:31:37
I promise we still arent dead! Lol.... 7-21-17by IttermatComments(0)
Really we arent! I've just been really busy with real life and work- and life stuff like really...

Also our coder is still missing so theres not alot we can do- I did notice that alot of maps dont work because photobuckets not very nice so Im gonna work to replace them with working ones- be patient with me! Haha...Yup... not much to report.. I just need to continue to be patient.

Sorry for the inconvenience...

~Till next time

Date: 2017-02-25 03:46:57
Game update! 2-24-2017by IttermatComments(0)
Hey There atrocitians! I've been working on stuff on the site lately... and I've been putting the updates on facebook- but for those who missed them, heres the completed announcement, plus what I've added today!

You can now go to the forest mine- If you go up the Forest mountain path, you'll find a cave in the side of the mountains, go in there and you'll meet Mitch-

 He'll let you borrow his tools to search for treasure in the rocks- there are different levels to go to, and the lower you go the more rare the items you'll find and the less rocks you can break- Here are all the current things you can find somewhere in the mine-


We've also Added a New NPC to when you sell your items, and eventually he will own a store that those items Go to where They can be bought by other users.

This is Ace- a sweet guy with a unknown past, he enjoys buying things from people, your trash is his treasure so they say! He's a fennec fox.

There are also many many more games in the Arcade- (Which will later give trophies/beads/and keep highscores at a later date.)

These two have a new batch of items for you to win, Though originally from the Halloween event- we've redone them and they are now a permanent Fixture in the Arcade.

The items you can win from them are-

We're still working on things!!

~Till next time! <3

Date: 2017-02-09 19:52:36
2-9-2017 - Good news everyone!by IttermatComments(0)
Hello Atrocitians! I have some good news! We found someone to help us! 8-)

Everyone go welcome and thank Je vous Defie! Leave her a welcome message on her profile, tell her you love her- leave her a heart! Anything nice! Shes our new coder and we're busy working on the site-! :-*

Now for a list of stuff happenin:

~Items work again!

~Theres now a weekly raffle you can buy tickets to to try to win Beads from the pool of Beads! Go talk to Gabby if interested!

~We've been working on site improvements, Use improvements and visual improvements too!

~ The bakeneko maze has been tweaked a bit to make it JUST slightly easier to get to? (Its supposed to be a challenge though! That lonely grave aint gonna get unlonely unless you visit it!)

~ We're working on an actual integrated forum for the site- so when thats implemented this one will go bye bye- if all goes well you wont have to re-register to use it and your accounts will be linked!

~I'm still working slowly on replacing maps, as well as making new maps and areas to go to-As well as new items, recipes, and a bunch of other stuff- so stay tuned!

~Till next time!

Thank you again for your patience!

Date: 2017-02-04 06:38:24
2-4-17 Bakeneko Maze returns...other IttermatComments(2)
Hello Atrocitians! STill working to fix the actual site issues, and still trying to get some help with that...No luck thus far.. sorry... ::)

HOWEVER- while thats being worked on I realized I could do other things.. sooo I went through to all the maps and added tooltips (Alot more tedious of a venture than youd think...) I actually spent a few hours trying to figure out why Me trying to edit one specific page would cause my browser to freeze...I spent a long time and tried fixing the problem, lots of internet searches and addon messing with, scans and trying to update software to fix it... only to realize that it was JUST THAT PAGE... so I deleted it- redid.... and now its all good and I was able to finish. ;-|

And over the course of my free time this week (and on) I'll be replacing the maps with better ones. ;)

I also added the halloween flash games to the arcade on site- and I plan to redo the halloween bakeneko games and add them as well- as well as make new items for them.... so thats on my list. :o

I brought back the bakeneko maze- you can get to it by visiting the lonely grave in the forest cemetary...I wont give you much more info on that.... buuuut Im sure you can figure it out... You'll have to use my other extra site for some of the pages- and when we can bring it over to our site completely we wont need to use our "sister site" but for now- its my simple solution for more features. I spent a very long time tweaking and changing links and things to have them meld together pretty well- but if you run into issues please let me know. Im too tired right now to see them all lol...

Okay- I need to go to bed- (zzz) I've already stayed up way too late doing this- I have family to visit tomorrow!

~Till next time! :-*

Date: 2017-02-02 03:36:04
2-1-2017 - the current state of thingsby IttermatComments(1)
Hey atrocitians! Its been a while I know Im so sorry, I've been busy with life...
Anyway- Im here to give you an update on the current state of things with Atrocity... Im sure most of you who play have noticed that... stuff doesnt work... wanna know why? Because I tried to make things better and instead I broke them... I dont know how to reverse it...and so we're sorta stuck with a partially broken site...IM SO SORRY...Im trying to find a way to get help fixing it... :'(

I miss restless... shes been gone almost a year. ;-;... I do still hope shes okay... ::)

Either way we are NOT DEAD- we are currently searching for a coder- (with restlesses spot still open when/if she returns.) Im going to continue to find help fixing the problems...And again im sorry I broke things because I suck.

So please be patient with me..
and thank you to those who've been patient thus far.


Till next time!


Date: 2016-12-10 03:54:38
Training, battling and banks OH MY! 12-09-16by IttermatComments(0)
Hey Atrocitians! its been forever and I am SOOOOOOO sorryyyyy! I've been super busy with real life, and my real job, we're short handed currently so Im filling in ALOT of places...Blehh... this means less time to work on Atrocity!

However! I do have some new stuff for you (Which still needs a bit of tweaking/fixing updating and adding, but they work!

First off theres a bank now! So now you can hoard your beads to your hearts content! The sidebar button finally works! HAHA

Also theres now BATTLING and TRAINING As well as your pets new stats showing up in their skills area of their profile, plus stats are inherited from parents...and you can get trophies and money for winning!

I'm still working on it all, and I do want to make it more robust and enjoyable- but as Im doing this by myself since our lovely coder is still MIA I think im doing alright!

Still no knowledge if we'll get to do a christmas event- Sorry! I havent had much time to work on it...

I'll still be tweaking these things though lol

~Till next time!

Date: 2016-11-02 15:20:38
Trophies recievedby IttermatComments(0)
Everyone who participated in the event has recieved the halloween 2016 trophy!

Thanks to all who participated!! <3

Date: 2016-11-01 01:02:04
The end of the halloween event! 10-31-2016by IttermatComments(0)
Thats right everyone- The halloween event is over, the Bakeneko have packed up and went home to the shrine, and the Candies and toys and other event prizes have run out until next year!

thank you to all who joined in! and when I have the time I'll give all who participated a special trophy!! Dont worry you can still USE the items/recipes at Laric's alchemy <3

~Till next time!

Date: 2016-10-01 03:26:41
Halloween EVENT! from oct 1st-30th! 10-1-2016by IttermatComments(0)
Hello Atrocitians! GUESS WHAT!
Its the halloween event!

What does this mean?

it means that the bakeneko are back on the site for the holiday! Man do they love Halloween! in fact they've decided to be awesomely nice and share some treasures with you!

But not always for free!
Your pet will find Some Katty Taffy sometimes as you wander the site that you can use to persuade the Bakeneko to let you play!

Head on over to the Event plaza to start playing! and winning items!

(I admit that the games are not perfect...I am an amateur coder..but I tried!)

There is also Some new items in Caratrise's, Habibi's, and Delilahs stores!

not only that... but theres also some coloring pages, some puzzles, mazes, other games to play and much more!

We spent alot of time on all of this! So please Enjoy it!

And feel free to post your colored images on this topic!

Also Thank you to Kay mentrae, And Sibylla for all their help!

I hope you enjoy the event! and if you see anything amiss- please let me know... after looking at Code for so long it all looks the same and I make mistakes!

~Till next time!

P.s Your pet will no longer find the scavenger hunt items...but you can still turn them into Laric.

Date: 2016-09-21 14:27:30
Still working!! honest! 9-21-2016by IttermatComments(0)
I swear...I see coding in my sleep! LOL! :D I honestly dont know what Im doing but Dammit im tryin! All I can say is I hope you guys actually participate in this event ::) ... theres alotta work going into it...Not just me, but I have some friends making the items while I work on the NPCS/the pages and coding those pages... omg...I miss :'( !!!

Okay...Mini rant over!! back to work lol!

Love you all!! :-*

~Till next time!

Date: 2016-09-08 16:41:34
Working on the halloween event! 9-8-2016by IttermatComments(0)
Yes my dear atrocitians! I am working dillegently (between my actual job and life) to Make a halloween event for you all to enjoy...

So far I've made two games to play (as well as items/prizes for those games) and the entire basic layout of the event itself... Now It wont be the most amazing thing ever... but you have to realize its being done by a completely amateur coder/sort of good artist (me lol)... and one other artist (Sybilla)..So please enjoy it when its put up... it may not seem like it but a lot of work is going into this....

I swear When I look at code all I see is brainnnnnnn MY BRAINNNNNN lol.

So please be excited for the event to start!

And until then dont forget about the Scavenger hunt! Till the end of september!

~TIll next time !

Date: 2016-09-04 15:58:13
Minor tweaks- and things... 9-4-2016by IttermatComments(0)
I have a couple days off so Im doing some minor things on site! Heres what I've done.

-Added some new things for The Catari and houndas to say

-Fixed the fact that your pet wont tell you it found something, it now tells you!

-Did some coding tweaking

-Made it so the items actually are worth collecting, you can now sell them, or once you create the special items, they raise certain stats if you use them.

-Minor nonsense im doing

-Working on some kind of halloween event

- Looking for a new coder- or at least someone who can fill in the blank space restless left in her absense- I do hope she returns-! And she will always have a place- but we cant not do anything...So if anyone is interested in helping- Please get ahold of me... Either Email- or Pm on site, or on the forum...^^

- Dont forget about the scavenger hunt on the site until the end of the month!! Have fun!

-If you have ideas for more things the pets can say- please Let me know!

~Till next time!

Date: 2016-09-03 03:47:46
September scavenger hunt!! 9-2-16by IttermatComments(0)
Hey Atrocitians! I know this isnt anything huge, big or amazing- but Theres a scavenger hunt happenin on site! Thanks to Pez!!

Thanks to him hiding them around Your pet can find these items around the site as you wander! (note for some reason the pet will not TELL you it found the items... I do not know why...I have the coding just check your inventory! (recipes in the recipe tab, event items in the events tab, and what you create in their appropriate tabs.)

Then you can take them to Laric at the Alchemy place and make things out of the things you find!

Our coder is still Missing, but I hope this is at least something to have you enjoy <3
The scavenger hunt will last till the end of september!!

also hopefully soon I can replace the maps..(Im waiting for someone to finish my ^^

~Till next time!

Date: 2016-08-31 19:53:05
Sorry Sorry! 8-31-2016by IttermatComments(0)
Hey atrocitians! I apologize for the lack of updates, life has been busytastic! not only did I get promoted at work and therefore work more...Im working on gettin my own place...and our Coder has been missing for a while... So Im really sorry about the lack of updates...x.x Its not my intention to not be updating anything- but I dont have a coder right now..(mind you I sincerely hope that she is okay above all things. compared to a human life my sites not that important) So we just all need to be patient...And I thank you for that patience as well.

I am still around if Im needed, I check my email everyday, And I sign onto the site and the forums almost every day too to check on things and I do hope updates will return soon.
Just giving you an update to let you know the site is not dead. I do still have big plans for it... just a lack of ability to code anything... XD

Thank you again for your patience!

~Till next time

Date: 2016-08-01 00:03:49
End of the birthday event! 07-31-2016by IttermatComments(0)
For those of you keeping track, your pet should have collected you "Ittermat Candies" during the month while you were playing on the site... Send me a Partial trade with the candies selected! (You can use CTRL +Click to select more than one item.) The person who sends me the most candies will win the prize! (You will get them back btw...Im not taking them)

So hurry and send them!! You only have till tomorrow!

Also Apologies for the lack of updates lately- I know I promised farming and things- but Restless hasnt been around, shes been missing for more than a month... And without her- theres no coding done...But at the end of the day and above all things- I hope that she is alright and I miss her. So please continue to be patient with us while we sort this out!

Thats all!

Till next time!

Date: 2016-07-13 17:43:09
Ittermats Birthday!!!! 07-13-2016by IttermatComments(2)
Technically its still the 12th for me, but as I wont be able to really do this ON my birthday im giving you a heads up a bit early! once it hits July 13th- you can go to the Promo Page of the site, Enter this code-- IttermatBirthday30 and get a one time goodie bag of special items you can ONLY get then....they will never be available again...once it hits the 14th  (EST)  the promo code will not work anymore- so get them while you can!!

Not only that- but Until july 31st your active pet will find you these as you browse around...

Keep collecting them and at the end of the month the person who trades me the most will win a special prize!

I really did want to do something a bit more spectacular for my 30th birthday on the site- but Life gets in the way...(and I admit pokemon Go is a bit in the way too, But not only that but our coder restless hasnt been around for a while- so that puts a bit of a Kink in our plans to get things please be patient with us- and Even though its my birthday- I hope you all have a great day <3

~Till next time!

Date: 2016-07-08 16:08:10
we still live!! Ittermats birthday --- 7-8-2016by IttermatComments(0)
Apologies Atrocitians! we've been busy! not only working on some new updates for you- but living life too! As you can tell the Mutation event was over on the 20th sadly- hopefully you picked up some good super mutated pets! Im sure Potter will mess up again in the future! So dont worry! you'll have more chances!

My birthday (Ittermat) is on July 13th and I plan to have a mini event that day/rest of the month to celebrate the fact that I'll be 30! AUGH I feel so old! either way I'll update with more news on that day-but just know something is coming- as well as some more items for you, gifts and maybe even a special pet? Im not 100% sure yet! but do please stop by the site on my birthday for some free on site goodies!

~Till next time atrocitians! I love ya!


Date: 2016-06-17 07:11:04
Mutation mayhem! *event* 6-17-16by IttermatComments(0)

Oh no!! It would seem that one of Potter's experiments has gone horribly awry!! Not only has he set loose more markings, mutations and addons for the pets - but he's also somehow managed to crank all the settings up to max!

It will take us until Monday June 20th to sort this mess out! Until then all hatched pets will be super mutated! No point in letting this mistake go to waste!

Adopt away!

~Till next time!

Date: 2016-06-13 15:18:03
Previews of the new pets! 6-13-2016by IttermatComments(0)
Here are some previews of SOME of the new mutations/sets/addons/etc..

some of them can go together to make a set- but its just easier to show them off if I put them all together on a model XD

There are many more than just these- as well as the hounda has matching ones too!

Catari Angel set

Catari Baast set

Catari Spirit set

Catari stitched set

Also available

A matching stitched Skull variation, and it can come with or without a spider on it!

Mind you these arent ALL we have for the next update XD this is only a few things- (and again the hounda has matching ones)

Okay! back to work!! <3

Till next time!

Date: 2016-06-10 03:24:45
Its been while! heres whats up! 6-9-2016by IttermatComments(0)
It seems like its been a long time since we've given you an update! Well Im here to tell you that we are in fact working on the next one-!

What will the next update have?

Wellllll First of all there will be FARMING- meaning you can grow your own crops! NO WAY...

Also there will be a new store- new NPC and loads of new Seeds and items! a few new tools! New things- and whoa... its gonna be big!

not only that! but there will be new markings, new addons, new extras/mutations for the current pets! NO WAY!

So though we've been quiet- we have been working! there just hasnt been alot to report!

Also Please welcome our two new staff members!

our Monster And mini pet artist ! And our new Writer !!

We'll have more information and the ACTUAL update soon!

we're doing our best!

~Till next time!

Date: 2016-05-31 03:30:51
Raffle over!-winnersby IttermatComments(0)

The raffle is over! Congrats to our two winners!

FlamehSaurx and

Your prizes have been sent to you!


Date: 2016-05-28 04:37:18
Stats, personalities, etc 5-27-2016by IttermatComments(0)
Hello Atrocitians!!! Hope you're all doing well! We're still busy and hard at work!

So what updates do we have for you today?

Pets now have stats!

As you can see theres 4 of them, closeness, happiness, Hunger, and thirst!

Guess what else this means? It means items actually have a use! and they all have been changed to do something if it was needed..^__^

You'll also notice the new personalities! These will actually matter later on, For example a Shy pet wont talk as much and will not find as many items... a Cruel pet will have higher attack and defense (when we add battling and such), A Greedy pet will have their happiness and hunger deplete faster... and so on...but for now? they're just an enhancement.

Theres also a new plushie in camerons toys- one of our awesome coder Restless!

Back to the new stats-- If you let your pets stats reach Zero- they will run away... you can avoid this by freezing them, or when we add it on- putting them in storage... once they run away you will have a set amount of time to be able to bring them back home at a price...or you can let them continue to wander the wilderness and eventually perish... up to you.

we're still working on battling, and tweaking other things on the site!

ALSO Dont forget about the raffle!!!

~Till next time!

Date: 2016-05-24 22:50:46
Some more updates!! by IttermatComments(0)
Hello again! We've been busy busy still!

What we added this time?

~Staff members will now get paid! Just go to the staff rewards page once a month.- Drake is in charge...and hes not the nicest...
 try not to dawdle...

~Stores now have signs! Instead of the pics of the NPCS theres signs instead on the store list page...

~Stores now have the NPC names too.

~There is a new chat system on the site- A real time messenger- Please dont use it to spam others... we can ban you from it if it is abused...

Thats about it for today!!

~Till next time and next update!

Date: 2016-05-24 03:08:27
Raffle! Bug fixes etby IttermatComments(3)
Hello Atrocitians! How have you all been? Good I hope!
We've been busy working! busy busy busy!

Edit note: Pets now become adults at level/age 2, and will be able to battle (when added) at level/age 3

First off the search page looks nicer, same with the Gift page. We're still working on layout fixes and making other pages look better, cleaner...etc.

  • The bug with the pets is now fixed...they should accurately show their markings/addons etc.

  • The bug with using potions on your pets is now fixed...

  • The shop bug is now fixed- you can go shopping again-

  • Pets now drop items again when you click them.

  • Lineages are now fixed , there are new images for the lack of pets...and other smaller tweaks there.


There is a new NPC in the Trade station-

Her name is Pria shes a porcupine.

There is also a new NPC in the Gift area.

Named Oakley the Jackalope!

There is a new item in potters potions- the insta-breed potion-  it lets you breed your pets instantly rather than having to wait a day to do so.

We are working to add stats, and also working on battling and everything else...^^ We will also add items for those stats and will give you more information on how they will work once implemented!

Now for the real reason you are probably here! the raffle!

We're putting our new npc Oakley in charge!

What do you win?
100,000 beads,
three level 2 potions  ,
two of the new insta-breed potions  ,
and a Space coin-  to add 10 more pet spaces to your profile!

How do I enter?

You just have to comment on the news post ON THE SITE and you will automatically be entered into the raffle!

Drawing will be on Monday may 30th! And there will be two winners!

Good luck!!

~Till next time!

Date: 2016-05-20 20:25:42
just a small update by IttermatComments(1)
Hey atrocitians! Restless and I are working hard to bring amazingness to you! Heres the small tweaks done so far!

~~Pets impounded now are in cages and are sad!
not pounded:


~~Also Eggs no longer tell you the gender! you have to wait! (pic below is of a pounded egg as thats what was available XD )

~~There is also now pet lineages!

If you ever wanted to see the parents/offspring now you can! XD

~~Pet eggs in the daycare now have nests to sit in!

also Items now have ACTUAL rarities and will soon be subject to those when being restocked or not as well as pricing!

plus a ton of smaller background tweaks!

We're also working on layouts of pages, adding more things, battling, stats,items for those stats monsters and all kinds of good stuff!

But now I need to go to my actual job!

~Till next time! <3


Date: 2016-05-19 01:49:21
New pets are live! aby IttermatComments(0)

New pets are live! and other stuff! 5-18-16

Hey atrocitians! I know its been a while, but we have been super busy!

So first things first!

Due to the site being down,
we lost about 2 weeks of data... so that means those of you who signed up within that time- may need to sign up again I am SO SORRY, but there is no way to get you back as we did not have you in our backup- If you are not in the userlist- we need you to resign up... again sorry about that...

New pets

As mentioned the new pets are live! They are genetic, breedable, and they are unique! There is never going to be one the same (or at least its like... a 1 in a million chance that its the same...). so far we only have Catari, Feesh, and Hounda, but we hope to add more species soon! as well as more markings and mutations for the current pets!

Remember to visit them every day!!

Also in a future update you will be able to visit the lab to create a pet with the things you want...but for now? Its all random. ^^ Enjoy the surprise!

Memorial pets: They are only there to look pretty, they will not be breedable, or able to battle in the later updates... they're basically just to remember those pets, and it felt to me that if we had them fight? It would be they wont.


Theres a new Npc in the mail area, his name is Hazel, and he is the one who delivers your mail for you!


We'll be working to add battling, and tweaking pages/things to look better!

Thank you all for being patient with us! We look foreward to the updates to come!!

~Till next time!!


Date: 2016-04-24 17:41:54
Some new stuff!---Peby IttermatComments(0)
Hey atrocitians! We're still busily at work on all the new stuff! You'll also notice theres a new theme on the site! YAY!!! We're gonna use it as the base theme- and then change it for holidays and whatnot. <3

We are going to be uploading the new cataris soon, and in doing so will delete all the ones currently on the site- this will also happen when we update the houndas and the feesh. The new pets will still drop items- ^__^ but you wont have to get to the second generation for them to do so.

~There is now a limit to the amount of pets you can have... you start out with 50 slots for pets- and you can upgrade it to up to 100 slots using a new item found in Account upgrades

~You will also either be able to choose a random pet (which will be free) or create a custom pet (which you choose the traits) its not up yet but when it is- the first two will be free of charge then you will need to buy an item  to go to the lab again to create another one. There will also be specific addons/mutations only available for holidays/events.

~Lets see...what else? We've done some small tweaks and things...and we're still working hard! I guess thats all for now then!

~Till next time!

Date: 2016-04-20 05:33:02
New pet update/breedby IttermatComments(0)
Hello atrocitians! Its been quiet for a while! and I apologize! we've been working!

we got most of the new catari pet/breeding code done, we need to add more tweaks and add more markings, and fix the current colored in areas.

But we're still working on it! the way this will work is that when you adopt the pet- it will be completely random- some addons/markings will be recessive, some will be dominant...This also means you will have limited pet slots- and Will have to buy an item to get more- (Its to save the server)

Not only that but pets in the pound will be released/deleted after they're in there for 24 hours. since again we need to be nice to our FREE server.

wanna see some randomly created Catari? (I was messing with the previews)


There will be more markings- and more things- but heres our idea for now!

And thats what we're currently working on- so this means that your current pets will go away- sorry! I will warn you before We delete them and whatnot. And we will replace the current hounda and Catari with the new versions-

Whatcha guys think? I think its awesome!

~Back to work! Till next time!

Date: 2016-04-06 05:23:20
Fishing update! 4-5-by IttermatComments(1)
Theres a Fishing update for you all!

1. there is now a news area on the site! So you can choose to read the news on the site or on the forum!
2. there is now areas you can use the bait and pole! and each area will give you some special rare fish if you try hard enough! And they only take special bait! At the moment theres not alot you can do with the fish- but its planned to be added later!

heres a few fish to tease you!


There are waaay more than just these however..Happy fishing!

3. While fishing you can catch Feesh! and you can breed them to make other colored baby feesh...these baby feesh drop items! and again will be used later on..possibly for making armor? Im not sure yet!

4. We did alot of other tweeks and things! And though this update seems small alot of work went into it XD Feesh drop different colored items depending on what color they are for example..theres a bunch of fish to catch...the coding was a pain... haha but we got it!

I hope you enjoy!

~Till next time

Date: 2016-04-05 06:45:26
News!by IttermatComments(0)
Theres now an onsite news thing! isnt that awesome???