How to Submit a new world

OH my gosh! Im betting the reason you're here is because you want to make a new world for the users to go to! Thats so cool! What a nice way to stretch your artistic imagination and make something awesome!

And the best part is! You dont really need any actual artistic skill at all! However despite this being YOUR mini world on site- You do still need to follow the

*** Also I have a few things to mention! These are NOT Full fledge pet sites on their own. You will still use OUR pets to go to these... BUT the stores, maps, NPCS , minipets, monsters, items, and whatnot within this MINI World is MADE BY YOU. Think of it like this- You're reading a book. .. those characters are in the book- but outside of that book you're wearing the same clothes you were before. You're still you...Thats the sort of deal it is here. You keep the same outershell- and go visit and bring it with.

***Im doing The coding for these... so you have to give me time. XD (this is also why they'll cost 10 Candy to create so im not overwhelmed!) however candy is obtained many ways without needing real it means you can work on your mini world while you save up ^^

The things I NEED FROM YOU ARE: (Click on each for the forms to fill out and or more info)

~ Minipet images

~ Monster images / drops

~Maps and info on where they lead to

~Items images and information

~The image /name of your special miniworld book (The image that shows up in the library checkout area for users to click to be transported to your world)

~ Game npcs/images/what prizes how rare the prizes are etc. (These are simple games similar to hanafuda with Eyre or the Pumpkin smash with Tora) Im limiting to two a mini world.

~Shop NPCS And what they sell..What you want them to say, and pricing of items in their store.

I think thats it! I might add more info later when I think of it lol...Please PM me on site when you have your things ready and I'll give you the email you can send it all to.