Submit something to Atrocity

Hello!! So you wanna submit something to put on the site??? Let me help you with that!

You can also go here for Mini world submission info

Questions I think you might be asking!:

1. What things can I Submit to atrocity?
(You can go to this area of the forum for the assets/tutorials)


~Pet markings/addon









Just about anything..! XD

2. What are the restrictions for what I can submit?

~No copyrighted material/characters... This means no my little ponies/MLP Style, no obviously obvious copyright infringements.

~Nothing sexual or perverse in nature (this is a pg 13 site.)

~Nothing Gorey, or violent...

~Nothing racially insensitive, Harrassing or otherwise mean/rude cruel to others.

3. Where do I go to submit something?

~You can either go to Discord submission area

~Or you can Email me at

~Or you can message me on the Facebook page!

~Or simpy PM me on site!

-Or comment on the forum posts/dm me on the forum!

4. Okay! I've Submitted something! a recolor of your lineart! Is it mine? And can I use it anywhere I want to?

~No you cant...The lineart belongs to Atrocity and the artist who created it... you may have colored it in... but it is still ours and is not for your free is for OUR use...And ONLY our use.

5. But I did create the lineart...can I use it then?

~If you created the lineart/image from the ground up without tracing, referencing, using someone elses image, if it is completely yours then yes...It is still yours...You are only allowing atrocity full rights to use it.. but you may also still use it in whatever you'd like... as it is your image. But If you submit it to us you give us full rights to use it however we want. We just will not stop you from using it it belongs to you originally.

8. will I get credit for something I made?

~Absolutely! when you submit something, wether its a pet/item/map or anything we want you to put your username on it somewhere! (not to be obstructing though!) Because we want you to get credit and we want people to know that you made it!

9. Are there Artwork restrictions?

~The only restrictions on art are mentioned in Question 2. Other than that? no...there is no restriction on ability to draw, or ability to create...all things are welcome!! Its okay if you cant draw cartoons but are great with sprites! Or you cant do sprites but are great with realism! The uniqueness of everything is half the fun!

If you have any other questions, please get ahold of me so I can clear things up for you. Refer to question 3 for info on how to reach me.

this Page may be edited at any time and more answers/questions please check back!