FAQ page

Eliza: Eliza here! Welcome to the FAQ section of the site where you can find answers to questions users wonder about! we are always updating this page so please check back!

How Do we make beads on the site?
You make beads by either clicking on pets (whether on their profiles with the "play with me button" Or in the daycare/raising areas), Using the daily currency page, Or simply wandering the site with a fave pet! You can also sell pets and items. Or trade in candy at the bank!

How do we make Candy?
You can make candy a few ways as well! sometimes through the daily currency page, Or by trading in beads at the bank! 1 million beads=1 candy and vice versa.

How do I adopt a pet?
There are a few ways to aquire a pet! You can either adopt them from the adopt page, you can create one in the lab, or even buy pets from other users or adopt one that was abandoned in the pound!

How do we hatch eggs?
You hatch eggs with Clicks from yourself or other people, Eggs hatch when they're at Age 2. You can also go buy instant aging potions from potters potions.

How do I dress up/change my avatar?
EASY! You just need to buy clothing and bases from the stores (or win them?) And then either go to the "change avatar" under your avatar, or simply go to Personal->closet. Then enjoy the dressup fun!

What Age does my pet have to be to breed?
Your pet has to be Age 2 to breed.

Can we breed with other users pets?
Not yet! Hopefully soon!