Staff positions available!

Hello! Im looking for A few staff positions! Current ones available are!

What will you get for helping?

Free beads on site, in some cases a Plushie made of you, you added to the staff page, access to special areas, free rare items, and other perks. (we can talk about it)

please understand that Atrocity is still being worked on- so you may not get all your rewards right away. You also need to be over 15 years old, and Reliable/trustworthy. If interested in any of these please either pm me- or email me at

What the job entails-

Coding new features and things for users to enjoy! New places to go, new games, just about anything! if you want to practice your skills- please come help us!

*Wiki creator

What this job entails-

You would be putting information about the site (atrocity) on its
wiki page... this includes but is not limited to- Information about maps, areas, events, Items, pets, pet colors...npcs, games...etc..So that other users may find it and get information they need or might be confused about...It needs to stay updated with current information as much as possible without giving away site secrets too early.

*Map help

What this job entails--
The creation/redoing of maps on site to make it look nicer. Sprite artist preferred.

*Idea/event helper

What this job entails--
Helping with ideas for fun events we can have on the site...including but not limited to holidays and other events, Helping with item ideas, Event ideas, possible riddles. etc.

*Item creator

What this job entails--
Helping with creating items for use on the site...including and not limited to, plushies, armor, weapons, drinks, candy, food, toys...etc. Items for holidays and events as well...


What this job entails--

Advertising Atrocity to get more people to join in the fun and sign up for the site,forum, or anything that atrocity entails...whether its telling people about us... emailing...etc.... just spread the word and try to help us get more members.

*Monster maker

what this job entails--

Creating monsters to have pets battle, you can also create the minipets and items they drop as well as their attacks if you'd like.

*Pet creator

What this Job entails---

creating markings, addons, extras etc for the different pets. To make them have more variety.

*Mini pet maker

What this job entails---

Making mini pets for users to collect and use in battle!