Date: 2024-01-15 21:48:25
1-15-24 some updates! by Ittermat

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great holiday and are having a great new year! Heres the news!

We added some new Cards to the site!

as well as a couple made by our users!!

All cards also have a Holo version you can collect too! And show up in the card binder.

Seperators have been added in the users inventory because people seemed to be getting confused as to what was what. so Now hopefully this helps.

The stock portfolio option is now called STOCKS, and you can see both your portfolio and what stocks are worth. Also if the market is open the banner will appear on this page as well.

Theres a new pet paintbrush called FIRE

You can also now see forum posts and replies in the sidebar. this was the only way to get this to work.

There were some new outfits added by Onceuponaplatypus!

We made new maps for the main town, still need to do the left side.

Fixed being able to set pets up to trade.

Colored icons with tooltips now appear in the pet area to let you know at a glance how your pets are doing.

As you can see all my pets are doing AWFUL. LOL.

From left to right - Happiness, hunger, thirst, closeness and not pictured is sick.

Choosing a site alignment now adds it to your forum profile as well.

when you dont have one theres an icon with an X and a link to choose one.

Fixed Asylums Riddle corner.

Trading card binder and recipe book are now in the PERSONAL menu

Memorial pets are now set to level 2 and cant go higher- any pets higher were set back to 2, and now when changing a pet to a memorial pet it also changes that pets level to 2- this is because memorial pets arents supposed to be able to fight or anything, and letting htem go to level 3 bypassed this.

You can no longer gift or steal from yourselves.

Still more things in the works! thanks for sticking around!

~Till next time!!!



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