Date: 2024-01-15 21:51:32
Big update 2- Trading cards, fights and things oh my! by Ittermat

Hello my darlings!!!!
I have A big update for you!
Before we start make sure you go to Kristhasirah's profile and leave her a thank you! Without her this wouldnt have been done.

First off!
Trading cards!
There are a bunch of new trading cards on site! the hub is in Exploration->trading cards

Once you get there you'll meet Reynaldo! and under him is the list of different options! You can find more detailed info here

There are Card fights against a computer, card fights against Users (through their profile)

You cannot fight your own card- and boosters cant be used at this time. Fighting with certain rarity cards will get you higher rarity.: uncommons>rare Rare>ultra rare pieces Ultra rare> more pieces

I added nearly 200 cards

Booster- 24 cards
Common- 35 cards
Uncommon-53 cards
Rare- 55 cards
Ultra rare- 11 cards

. and you can change card types by clicking on the options
The comedy club (exploration->comedy club) is now open! thanks to for the idea, and the items you can win!!! What you do is go here and try to help your favepet make a joke using the dropdowns to captivate the audience! if you manage to make them laugh you get a prize! Hope you enjoy it! Bee put alotta work into it!

Other things we did--

--Added Chamomile plant to grow, seeds, flower and ability to forage it in the forest and meadow have been added as well as the recipe for chamomile salve

--added encyclopedia info for pet sicknesses, pet traveling, and breeding.

--Redid the bakeneneko shrine maps to be PHP pages, fixed the Popups (thanks to Micolai ) and added a new npc at the shrine.

--fixed the cemetary trail where it wasnt working for people who had fought a monster- the brackets were in the wrong spot

lol... also hopefully fixed the fight monster cron.

--fixed the fight monster cron, and added in Kagerous mail/some prizes

--Edited the Avatar area of the forum so you can no longer upload your own avatar, and notices that you have to use the atrocity one and a link to how to get the info.

--I added this discord channel to the main page of the site (above news) so people can see the mini news cuz its important for keeping track of things.

--added a new area of the discord- Atrocity forum threads and posts... so now when people post on the forum we get notified... this way maybe we can use the forum a bit more often

cuz its kinda dead there- and so maybe important things wont be missed either as Im always updating the forum with information.

--CKEditor now exists when you write a message to a user- as well as atrocity themed smilies

Thats all for this one! Till next time my loves!!




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