Date: 2023-09-18 20:12:09
Big update part 1- 9-18-23 by Ittermat

I was gonna Do a huge news update post- but I realized it had been too long since I updated the news.. soo heres what we'll call part 1!
We've been working on alot of stuff and I apologize for the radio silence! If you're on discord you can see the smaller updates- so heres the compilation of what we've got so far!

Apothecary shop  (shops->plants)

Theres a new store open for herbalism. Its called the apothecary and Zenon will be glad to help you with all of your herbalist needs!

Adding onto this there is now the ability to forage on certain maps. And you will find items to help you make medicines for pets among other things. As well as new recipes! (we are still adding more plants/recipes as we go- this feature isnt completely finished but it works!)

Pet companions

After working on it for two days you can now equip pet companions to your pets. Each companion (minus certain special ones of course) takes three of the Avatar item and one life egg to create
as with everything we will add more as we go.

While foraging in the meadow you can now run across Worker bees and Queen bees. There is also a new area of your house for keeping those bees.

once you get there you'll find you have to open them then buy each hive.

In my case I already own 3 other hives. You have to buy the hive before it before you can get the next one.
Each hive can hold one queen and up to 5 workers. The page is I think pretty easy to navigate.
However The amount of things you get depends on how many workers you have in the hive- For info on rewards when harvesting you can go here.
You need both at least one worker and a queen in each hive to get any honey, then you wait 7 days after adding them and honey is ready to harvest! (it looks like this [Image: image.png]) if you remove the queen or have 0 workers the clock resets and you have to start over. So if you plan to its better to harvest the honey BEFORE you remove any bees.

Other updates

--All maps have been updated to PHP maps and redone (minus main town- its php but  I still have to redo the images)

--Maps with their new php status have new features, like foraging and finding monsters.

--Monster fights now have a cooldown and open in a new window, as well as appear on their specific areas (minus has no area yet so it still appears in a pet chat bubble for now)

--Pet sickness happening has been tweaked to happen less often.

--Added a checklists area to Forum encyclopedia so people can keep track of items for those who like to collect. Feel free to help me with filling it out. You can get info from Info/staff->site search in the top menu if needed

--Fixed the Ice mountain maps.

--Fixed fish and tackle and brought back Hamatchi.

--Updated encyclopedia info

--Pet can bring back some new items while traveling

--Replaced OH NO texts with new images

---Added pet achievements on a pet profile - and three new item functions to go with this

--Fixed the double plain tshirt issue- Sorry I had to remove them all from everyones inventory.

--Changed the Played with page to have bigger more accessible text for those with issues clicking them because they were so small.

--Turned the broken bottle item into a weapon.

--Fixed an issue with the Recipe book.

Things we're still working on

--Redoing/coding the main map

--adding more areas

--Some new paintbrushes

-A new pet species

--More plants/herbalism/ items etc for herbbalism

--Alignment specific Areas

--More Pet companions

--More enemies and items

--The comedy club

--Halloween town/items/characters etc

--Pride things for next year

--Black market area..

And whatever else I think of or what I forgot in this list hard to remember everything im kinda skipping around lol. I know this doesnt seem like much- but it is XD Lots of work!

Anyway! Till next time my Darlings!


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