Date: 2023-03-30 12:12:51
Rabbit burrow is open- pet traveling! 3-30-23 by Ittermat

Hello atrocitians!!
As you can guess ive been hard at work as always

Though I do have people to thank for their help with items and codes- Dark Ruby Cheba The Smol Bee  and Kristhasirah !! Without them this wouldnt have gotten done on time!

And now onto the update!!!

Rabbit burrow
Im sure you all remember that scary furry face that made you leave the burrow if you went to the meadow? well now he might let you in...if you pay the toll.

Also once inside there are a few new features and things-
You can help them with their stores- if you get a certain amount you'll get a rabbit delivering you gifts-

as well as sometimes the nurseries baby rabbits get loose- and you need to find them on site

and return them. If you do you will get rewarded.

there is also a race where you can race the captain rabbit once a day-
and a few other surprises. I do hope you enjoy the new area <3

Pet traveling

You can now send pets out to travel the wider world:

upon doing this some choices will dissapear, you cant sell, trade, freeze, pound or release traveling pets.
But while out they will possibly send back postcards, gifts, or messages each week (on monday) to your mailbox.

Hope you enjoy it!

Other things

As for other things- I fixed a bug where you can send a pet to a shop more than once- Now when you do so the page refreshes and it only gives you the option to bring it out.

we also did some fixes to the maid service.

I fixed the color of the light green plastic egg,

and other minor bug fixes mentioned on discord.

I also added a header to the Welcome message with new users, and rewrote the message a little.

I hope you all enjoy this new update!

~Till next time!


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