Date: 2022-11-19 10:56:21
Sky tear event!! by Ittermat

Theres something strange going on! You should go check it out! the event lasts until December 31st- unless someone needs me to extend it so they can enjoy the entire event (within reason of course lol)

I decided to release it early because I'll be at my mothers on release day !

I really hope you all enjoy it- we all put alot of work in to it! and please feel free to join in on discussions and trades on the Forums and on the discord server (discussion link , trades link)!
Enjoy!! lemme know if anything goies wrong ^__^

EDIT: I forgot to mention the new crafting recipes!
These are for the crafting box

Wind up wooden bird + Little blue guy cookies + Alien Creature = Space Creature Front
Wind up wooden bird + Little green guy cookies + Alien Creature = Space Creature Back
Space suit + Alien Creature + Concentrated matter = Space Creature avatar

Concentrated matter + Paintball + Strange box + Piece of galaxy + Panic button = Sky tear Paint ball

Sorry about that!!



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