Date: 2021-03-17 13:22:58
St patricks day/new boss/new items etc! by Ittermat

Hello and happy st patricks day my darlings! Theres alot to get through so lets get started!!

Some minor updates-

***I've been working still to add npc quests to places... so keep a lookout for that!

****Thanks to user LostinEscape- The energy bar under your pet now works correctly!

***You can now see a pets genetic information under their bio in their profile! (I plan to make/do this a bit better when restless returns and can help but for now this works fine!)

**If you run into an issue with your pet not being in the right category- Ive found a bug where pets species get mixed up somehow so you'll have a hounda appearing as a catari(and in its tab) Or soe other pet... just let me know if this happens to you.. I'll get in the DB and match them to what they look like. We're working on trying to figure out why. XD

***Fixed the "Did you really think this could be bought in this shop?" Problem... Issue was a space in the shopname...Let me know if you find others that do this.

***Theres a new (old) game in the casino- you can now choose to bet candy or beads when coinflipping with Trent. Good luck.


There are some new shop items thanks to user PixelDream.

For the Days of clover (which is march basically)we have:

Habibi's holiday-

Caratrise's candy-


There is also going to be a new boss fight starting today and continuing till the end of march- the clover bear!

If you'd like to see more info about him- and what you can get please go here--

Be on the lookout for the boss fight banner to appear on the main page when everything is ready!

Everyone can attack him once a day- and once defeated everyone can collect the prizes.. (up to five)

Back to work!!

~Till next time!


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