Date: 2024-05-22 11:20:09
5-22-24- info! some stuff! by Ittermat

Hello my lovelies! I figured I should write a news posts to give those of you who dont watch the discord some info on whats been going on!
(I already wrote this once and the site didnt save it.. YAY- so here we go again)

Fixed issues

~Fixed the ultra rare card piece tradin not taking 10 pieces-- it was only taking 1

~Fixed the visiting Ida link issue

~Fixed an issue with not being able to fight holographic cards

~ Replaced and fixed a bunch of images around the site and in the shops

~Hopefully fixed the boss Hp reset...

~Fixed Asylums riddle corner and the riddle reset

~Fixed and replaced a bunch of forum images

~Fixed member last login date- if you havent actually logged in since the fix it will still say youve never logged in

~ Fixed the index page messing up at the beginning of the week when no users have clicked on pets.. (however this also has set everyones pet back to the base Exp for their level... sorry!)


New features

Message in a bottle

Thanks to the awesome Kristhasirah The message in a bottle feature works how I've always wanted! You can now write messages for other users to find ^^ Or you can open a bottle and read a message someone left!


Favorite pets and weather
Favorite pets now react to the weather when you login! I also redid the welcome back page so its more easy to scroll and see.


Corruption and virtue

Added corruption and virtue to the site! doing good things gets you virtue- doing bad things gets you corruption, this will be used for something later.


Items now have a market price (aka the price the item is actually worth depending on how many are on the site-) this will be used later for the user shops when that mod is finished.

Features we added to

Trading cards-

We've added user Bunnyrabbits new cards!

Pet profile icons

They work now and should correctly read from the database! we also set it so that your pets stats cant go below 0.

New pet paint

available by crafting- the virtual pet!
This shows all the outcomes (scroll down) and how to make it!

Pet sicknesses

We added more rouncey sicknesses and medicines

Memorial pets

Added Pepsi the cat to the rainbow bridge cemetary and her favorite toy to the rainbow bridge shop so you can have her as a pet too

Index page and side bar

we redid the index page and sidebar- theres now the stock ticket, user events and most corrupted/virtuous user in the sidebar

and the index page banners now have tooltips to save space

Okay! Lets hope it goes through this time...

I promise we're still working on other things too like the dark circus, the herbalism stuff, more pets, more paints, more items, clothes etc... more features!

Always something to to! I have a list!!

Till next time!!





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