Date: 2024-02-01 06:34:02
2-1-24- Valentines! by Ittermat

Hey ho everyone! its the Valentines event! (and its like 6am and I cant sleep so heres a news update!)

Simple update but I figured I'd should try to be more vocal about things... instead of just adding news when theres big stuff. XD

All this month during the season of love you'll get items when you login that you can later use to craft valentines to give people!

Im hoping to add in that this will be a competetion sort of deal later on- with prizes for who gives the most- but I havent made it there yet.

Any way the items you can get are as follows!


Craft supplies + Crayon Box + Lovely envelope + Construction paper = Valentine

You can find the ability to send valentines on a users profile ^^
So please have fun sharing love with your fellow atrocitians!

Habibi's holiday is also open with valentines themed items.

It may have seemed like alot of silence lately- but I assure you stuff is still being worked on! including a new event/map. Its just that it all takes time XD
I appreciate your patience!

~Till next time!



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