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Atrocity is a side project for all of us- Life always comes first- Thank you so much for your patience!.

Why is it Called Atrocity?
Its an inside joke really lol
It started out that I just couldnt think of a name... When you have ones that have cool names like Kaylune or something... or even what seemed like a strange made up word... (Trust me I;ve seen some wierd ones...) And as it was my first petsite- I wasnt expecting it to go very far... so I half heartedly named it atrocity cuz I figured thats how it'd end up. well... then I ended up making so much site art, and signing so many pictures with (C) Atrocity I was just like meh. its just silly now..So I kept it.. and rolled with it.. plus its easy to remember XD

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Shows 3 Top (most clicked) pets onsite with owners here private function getTable(, LinkedList ){ = new TableBuilder(); (new Align('center', 'middle')); ('Adoptable Image', 'Adoptable Name', 'Adoptable Owner', 'Total Clicks', 'Current Level'); (new AdoptTableHelper); }


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