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avatar (23)Cheba The Smol Bee

Stories and Characters!
I've a vast amount of story options, but currently I'm on a roll with my story called Crown of Thorns. It's a fantasy/sci-fi/supernatural book. If you're interested, here's a little peek into the main character!

Name: Henry Redwine

Info and Biography:
**Age:** 16
**Birthdate.** October 15th 
**Height:** 5'8" 
**Appearance:** Henry has medium-long, chestnut brown hair that rests just above the shoulders, often tied back in a loose ponytail. His bangs hang over his forehead, sometimes obscuring his brown eyes. He wears rectangular black glasses. Is somewhat slender and wiry, reflecting his somewhat sickly constitution. Henry's face carries a hint of perpetual introspection.   

**Clothing:** He prefers casual and comfortable attire, usually opting for jeans or khakis and t-shirts or simple button-down shirts. He often layers with a comfortable hoodie or jacket, and his choice of footwear is comfortable sneakers.   

**Personality:** Introverted and reserved, Henry tends to keep his thoughts and emotions closed off. He's highly observant, often studying his surroundings and the people around him. This trait can make him seem distant at times, but beneath his exterior lies a thoughtful and kind individual. Due to past trauma, he's hesitant to form deep connections, but once you earn his trust, he's very loyal.   

**Background:** Raised by his single mother Eleanor, a nurse, Henry grew up with a sense of responsibility and independence. His father, Alexander, passed away when he was young, leading him to harbor unresolved emotions. This tragedy also contributed to his aversion to technology, as his father's death was related to a technological incident.   

**Interests:** Henry enjoys spending time outdoors, especially in serene natural settings like forests or lakesides. He loves reading and often escapes into novels to explore different worlds. Despite his aversion to technology, he's a talented artist and occasionally sketches in his spare time.   

**Friends:** Henry's close circle of friends includes Lyra, Emily, David, and Sarah. They appreciate his quiet nature and value his loyalty and thoughtful insights.   

**Challenges:** Dealing with the trauma of his father's loss has left Henry emotionally guarded. He struggles to open up to others, often fearing that forming connections could lead to more pain.   

**Goals:** Before the events of the story, Henry aspires to lead a quiet life, possibly pursuing a career in the arts or literature. He seeks a sense of normalcy and stability despite his internal struggles.   

**Quirks:** Henry has a habit of absentmindedly pushing his hair behind his ear when he's deep in thought. He's also known to be quite sensitive to temperature changes, often feeling too hot compared to those around him.

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