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Posted by: Ittermat - 04-19-2023, 11:13 AM - Forum: Feature info - Replies (2)

Heres what you need to know about keeping bees on the site! (this will be updated as I finish the feature so check back!)

Where to get the queen and Worker bees?
You get them by foraging the meadow. (not added yet)

How do I get to my beehives?

They're at your house!

Do they cost anything/do i need a permit?

You dont need a permit and getting to the hives is free- however you do have to BUY each hive.

How do they work?
Well you need both at least one worker and a queen in each hive to get any honey, then you wait 7 days after adding them and honey is ready to harvest! (it looks like this [Image: image.png]) if you remove the queen or have 0 workers the clock resets and you have to start over. So if you plan to its better to harvest the honey BEFORE you remove any bees.

Honey levels (you have to have a queen in the hive for any of these!)

1 worker bee --[Image: workerbee.png]  = 1 honeyjars
2 worker bees --[Image: workerbee.png][Image: workerbee.png]  = 2 honey jars
3 worker bees---[Image: workerbee.png][Image: workerbee.png][Image: workerbee.png]=3 honey jars
4 worker bees--[Image: workerbee.png][Image: workerbee.png][Image: workerbee.png][Image: workerbee.png]= 4 honey jars
5 worker bees--[Image: workerbee.png][Image: workerbee.png][Image: workerbee.png][Image: workerbee.png][Image: workerbee.png] =5 honey jars and 2 honeycombs

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the thread- just remember im still updating this as we go.

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  Easter event 2023
Posted by: Ittermat - 04-01-2023, 11:21 AM - Forum: Easter Events - Replies (2)

Welcome to Easter on site 2023! here is the forum you can discuss the easter event at!
I would definately appreciate it if you would let me know what you think! If you feel we can improve next time- Or what you actually liked! Discuss anything!

Thanks for joining us!

heres some questions to start off to answer if you want!

Whos your favorite event character?
Whats your favorite event item?
Is there anything we can improve on?
Did you feel like anything was missing?
Whats your favorite game?

Was there anything I can make better/add?

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  Battle Questions
Posted by: KnightKaramatsu - 02-22-2023, 07:36 PM - Forum: How do i? - Replies (1)

I was looking at the battle encyclopedia for the enemy info and there are a lot of cool avatar items you can get- I was wondering what enemies were the weakest -> strongest and what order I should be fighting things since my pet is still growing stats wise.

I *assume* that slimes are the weakest, just because they are generally that way in video games, but what about the child drawn monsters?

Is there a best stat to use when attacking each specific monster (I try to train my pet equally in all stats, just to be well rounded). 

Should I just fight them and collect the ranges myself?

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  Current list to do- 2-13-23
Posted by: Ittermat - 02-13-2023, 07:57 PM - Forum: Official Info - No Replies

--I do have this on the discord server but I figured I'd put it here too in case some of you are not on the server- and you can still see whats up It may not get updated as fast as the one on the discord server though.--

The bunny burrow and race
--fixing the race
---drawing the tunnells
--making the paintbrush
---adding in items
--coding pages..

the election event
--bees avatar
--Forum topics

Upgrading houses a little
--Draw images of enemies/cleaning
--make enemies/enemy drops
--adding in house cleanlieness/dirtyness
--ablity to clean house- run into enemies (like dust bunnies)
--pets get sick easier with a dirty house
~~--change the page its on to a php one so all this will work

Halloween town

--Quiz with serene
--Story area with enemies
--better map
--more games

Other things
--More rouncey sicknesses
--fix sicknesses (they dont seem to be working)
--redo a couple event maps/add more
--redo all/most maps on site
--add more worlds
--alice in wonderland area
--more stock tickets
---more NPC quests
--change maps to PHP pages so I can add random encounters and things

Maps I need to redo/make into PHP pages for better functionality
--Main world map
--Forest map 1
--forest map 2
--cemetary trail-
--forest lake
--cemetary 2
--the lonely grave
--Rainbow bridge cemetary

Maps to turn into PHP pages
--Main world map
--Forest map 1
--forest map 2
--cemetary trail-
--forest lake
-Cemetary-- enemies added
--cemetary 2 enemies added
--the lonely grave
--Rainbow bridge cemetary
--meadow enemies added too
--Meadowfarm added enemies

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  Lets be friends <3
Posted by: Ittermat - 02-10-2023, 06:18 PM - Forum: Genshin impact - No Replies

I literally have like NO friends on genshin - (I play it sometimes when I wanna just chill out) if you wanna play with me sometimes please add me!
 Im on the american server

My friend code/UID isss---658891057 658891057658891057


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  Please love my baby
Posted by: KnightKaramatsu - 02-09-2023, 08:56 PM - Forum: Raising - No Replies

[Image: 1184-1.png]

Please give kitty a click  Smile

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  How do I get Trophies? Achievements?
Posted by: KnightKaramatsu - 02-09-2023, 08:52 PM - Forum: Tutorials - Replies (1)

What trophies are available and how do you get them?

Are there other achivements than the ones you get from clicking?

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  Bathroom Permit (Comic)
Posted by: KnightKaramatsu - 02-08-2023, 05:55 AM - Forum: Art - Replies (1)

[Image: G1en8PL.png]

(I know the bathroom permit is sold by someone else but this change makes the story flow more congruently.)

So ahhh, half a million to take a leak sounds a bit extortionate, but who's gonna fight you on a full bladder eh?

I hope you enjoyed this silly 3 panel comic. It was quick so the line work isn't great, but I thought I'd share since the forums seem a bit lonely.

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  Jingles Jolly Gathering
Posted by: Foxfire - 12-04-2022, 09:12 PM - Forum: Festivals - No Replies

Jingles Jolly Gathering is Atrocity's Christmas-themed celebration. It's hosted by Jingle.
[Image: 2047400069c5f9eb8c91b17e37c89cba.png]

On this festival, you can:
- talk about the event in the yearly discussion thread
- check the daily advent calendar for prizes
- get a Christmas stocking to open later
- play at the Santa Claws machine
- craft a christmas tree
- complete puzzles for medals
- sign up to be a secret santa to someone on the forums

Be sure to check the festival page when it's open!

[Image: 5f294d9a15c12ded6d37cb621ece9b79.png]
These are the items you can win from the Santa Claws machine:
Blue Ornament [Image: 61836c85204d7d234ce9d7cc2402cc2b.png]
Green Ornament [Image: 224356b166b0f6d4c8fdda77f1c2d364.png]
Red Ornament [Image: 28a989f5a985451df8a3bab1c7a275cc.png]
Reindeer plushie [Image: 1395157a33babc934d36ded5a618fcc2.png]
Red Nosed Reindeer plushie [Image: e9681bc9a6b73ac12a3a580179391df9.png]
Reindeer nose avatar accessory [Image: lines.png]
Christmas tree pinecone seed[Image: pinecone.png]
Pudding Bauble accessory [Image: d3d0739d7e3a2b01d724e10915bac40a.png]
Candy Cane Cookie [Image: ff6ca2e79baa5c9c1f1e8713bbeb1c8b.png]
Gingerbread cookie [Image: 9b1f3c5850a660fcdee4e517962e24e7.png]
Snowflake cookie [Image: 9dd4149b1384a29a2d5f1c697e381947.png]

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  secret santa 2022 signup
Posted by: Ittermat - 12-01-2022, 12:09 PM - Forum: Christmas - Replies (4)

Here is where you can sign up to be a secret santa! [Image: Catarismileylove1base1.png]
For those who arent sure what that is- here's the run down

--sign up by commenting on this thread
--I will add you to the list
---I will pm you a name of someone else who has signed up
--Keep it a secret!
--on December 24th/25th you send them any item you own or Some of your on site beads from the Donate page!

Seems simple enough right? Now Lets spread some holiday cheer!

Current List of santas!



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