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[Image: chamomile.jpg?ex=654d60a7&is=653aeba7&hm...0032de084&]

Common Names: German Chamomile, Roman Chamomile
Latin Name(s): Matricaria recutita, Anthemis nobilis
Plant Family: Asteraceae
Parts Used: Flowers picked when blooming in summer
Botanical Description: Annual with delicate, feathery leaves growing from a smooth stem. Chamomile can grow anywhere between 6-24 inches in height. Flowers are white with a puffy yellow disk in the center.
Preparation & Dosing:
  • Tea: 2 teaspoons infused into 8oz hot water for 5-10 minutes…any longer and it may get bitter
  • Bath: (great for helping kids get to sleep), make a large batch of the tea on the stove and add to the bathwater. Allow children to soak in the tub. Also helps to add Epsom salts to the bathwater. You can also use the essential oil
  • Tincture: 1 – 4 mL, 1:5 in 40%, three times a day.
Energetics: neutral to cool, very slightly dry, can be bitter if steeped too long
Parts Affected: GI tract, nervous system
  • carminative
  • nervine relaxant
  • anti-spasmodic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-microbial
  • anxiolytic
  • tonic
  • vulnerary
  • anodyne
  • analgesic
  • mild bitter tonic
Biochemical Constituents: volatile oils, flavonoids, glycosides, tannins, alkaloids, polysaccharides, coumarins
Primary Uses:
  • Primary use is in any kinds of stomach issue

  • Is very good for calming children
  • Good for IBS
  • Relaxes the stomach, decreases stomach sensitivity
  • Helps nausea, morning sickness, motion sickness and nervous indigestion
  • Relaxant to acid indigestion
  • Soothing and tonic for gastric distress 2-3 hours after a meal
  • Good for gastric ulcers and gastritis
  • Also good for diverticulitis
  • Also calming to the nervous system, helps in any situation that has a stomachache and sleeplessness
  • Good for colds
  • Will decrease hemorrhoid swelling
  • Good as an enema for mucous colitis and spastic colitis
  • Good to heal wounds faster, internally and externally
  • Helps both constipation and diarrhea
  • Is a good relaxant and eases menstrual pain
  • Good for restless and over complaining individuals, when a person refuses to be comforted
  • Also good for allergies and asthma
  • Is interchangeable with Roman Chamomile Anthemis nobilis

Is part of the Asteraceae family, which is related to ragweed, so some individuals may be allergic to it.
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What can you find?
You can find the Seeds [Image: chamomileseed.png], and the flowers [Image: chamomileflower.png]

Where to find them?
You can find them by foraging in the meadow or the forest

What can you make with them?

You can make salves and teas and you can plant the seeds in your farm to get more.

What are the current recipes with them?

[Image: chamomileflower.png]Chamomile Flower + [Image: oliveoil.png]Olive oil + [Image: beeswax.png]Beeswax = [Image: salve.png]Chamomile salve

What can the finished products cure?
To be added
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