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(copied from the support section so it can be found in both)
Oh hey there! you wanna know how to use the farm and stuff? Awesome I here to give you the low down! Its really easy..!
1. Get yourself some seeds! whether its from Simmas seed shop or other ways... (events, prizes etc)
2.After you buy one you can go to your inventory (should be in the seeds tab)
3. Click the "Use" Button underneath the seed you want to plant. It will take you to a new page-
Here you can shoose which adopt you would like to plant your seeds for you!
4. Choose an adopt
5. After choosing your adopt you'll get this page.
6, You and your pet have now planted something in your farm! How do you get to your farm? Easy!
7. After clicking there it will take you to your farm page! Heres mine currently!
8. If you click on one of the images of your plants you can get other options!
Heres the Beans I just planted
9. When plants are fully grown they can be harvested and in doing so will give you that plants produce! However it will also destroy the plant! So be wary!
10, There is also a greenhouse you can go to if you want to help water other peoples plants! It is found here in the menu!
And thats it! I do hope you all enjoy this new feature and look forward to the cool things we can add with it!
Happy farming!
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