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Add my companion to my Profile?
You wanna add your on site buddy to this site too? Or you want two different ones? thats fine too! Easy as pie!
Go to your User Cp

You'll see this side menu-

[Image: unknown.png]

You wanna find "EDIT PROFILE"

[Image: unknown.png]

Click on that- and it will take you to the page it shows on the examples.
[Image: unknown.png]

Now you can see the area where it says "companion" And you can see my code for my buddy there- so you can see how it works- but where do you get that code from?

On the main site- go to Personal-> Pets- and Click on the pet you want to add to this page- Once there you'll see some options on the Right.
You wanna click on this option

[Image: unknown.png]

Once on the next page you'll see multiple code choices- This is the code you copy paste into the Companion section

[Image: unknown.png?width=1134&height=557]

From here you just Copy the code shown here into the companion section on the forum.. save changes and your buddy should be on your pofile!

Awesome! Wink

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