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Easter event 2023
Welcome to Easter on site 2023! here is the forum you can discuss the easter event at!
I would definately appreciate it if you would let me know what you think! If you feel we can improve next time- Or what you actually liked! Discuss anything!

Thanks for joining us!

heres some questions to start off to answer if you want!

Whos your favorite event character?
Whats your favorite event item?
Is there anything we can improve on?
Did you feel like anything was missing?
Whats your favorite game?

Was there anything I can make better/add?
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I don't know what the personalities are like but they're all cute!
I've only seen the items available in the shop but I'm looking forward to seeing what the Easter Boss drops.
I'm sure the 15 minute cool down for collecting eggs exists for a reason but I tend to find eggs when clicking pets in the Pet Park.
I don't think anything is missing.
I think I've had the best luck with the Carrot Pull game since I've gotten some items from it, but I got beads from the other stuff and beads are a lot easier for me to come by.
[Image: 1184-1.png]
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1- haha thanks <3
2- you can see the easter bunny drops here-
3. yes it exists for a reason XD people like to cheat and just refresh- its the same reason theres an energy bar. one of the users before was just refreshing to get rare pet finds.
4. well if you think of something please do let me know.
5. beads are pretty easy to get XD
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