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avatar (22)Cheba The Smol Bee

Add a background to a pet?
Hello! You wanna Jazz up a pet by adding a background?? easy peasy!

First off you need to GET a background- You can do this a few ways:

Getting Backgrounds:

1st way (the easiest/quickest:

Simply go to the Bang up Backgrounds shop!
(To get there without a direct link
its Exploration->shops->pet paints->Bang up backgrounds)

There are a ton to choose from just from there!
However other ways to get backgrounds are from events, holidays, bosses and many other places! And even the ones here change depending on the season/holiday! So make sure to check back!

[Image: unknown.png]

In this case we're gonna buy the Teal Gradient background-

Using the background you bought:

Once bought you can find it in your inventory under the Backgrounds tab-

[Image: unknown.png]

From here you hit use-

It'll have you choose the pet you wanna use it on-

In this case Im giving it to my plantera Cypher-

[Image: unknown.png]

Then just click Choose this Adopt when you've decided- and it should give you a confirmation it was applied. Now you can look at your pet- (basically anywhere)

see how pretty?

[Image: unknown.png]

Removing the background:

Removing the background is easy- You need to remove the pets current background before giving them another one-
Simply go to your adopts list
page (personal->pets)

and click the pet you wanna change the background for- In this case its Cypher again- Just need to get to the manage page (this is done by clicking on the pets in your my adopts page)

[Image: unknown.png]

You just click "Remove background-" and you'll get a confirmation it was done and the background was returned to your inventory!

thats it!

I hope you have fun with this <3

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