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Adding my Atrocity Avatar to my profile
Oh! you wanna know how to use your atrocity Avatar? Its really easy... First off go to your user CP.
Then you look on the left side- you'll see some options..

[Image: unknown.png]

You wanna find... AVATAR-

[Image: unknown.png]
Click it and you'll be able to change your avatar

[Image: unknown.png]
here is where you can input the link to your site Avatar- now the question is how to get it? EASY! Go to your Actual Atrocity profile-
Then right click on your avatar picture- so the menu comes up- Once it does Left click on "Copy image location"

[Image: unknown.png]

Now we go back to our User Cp input avatar page on the forum-

And you just right click paste the Image URL into this box shown here!
Hit change Avatar
And you're done!

[b][Image: unknown.png][/b]

Great job! Wink
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