Date: 2020-09-27 01:26:14
9-26-20 New forums other small tweaks by Ittermat

My Friend User Micolai and I were working to try to fix the forums that havent been finished yet- and since we couldnt do it.. we decided to instead get a my bb forum- So I spent my day working on getting that squared away and working.. as well as a few minor updates- (nothing really worth mentioning-) We're gonna still be tweaking stuff on it- but you are welcome to join, as you have to reregister on there unfortunately...theres no way to bring the users from the preexisting Database over... (PLEASE USE THE SAME USERNAME THAT YOU USE HERE) There are two ways to get to it-!

 but you can see it either here-  Its also found in the communicate menu->Forums(if you want it embedded in the site- OR you can open it in its own window- (Either by the link at the top of the page- Or by going here-

The theme is also a work in progress- hopefully we'll have a better matching one by the end of the weekend!

There are also a couple tutorials I made.. one is how to use your Atrocity avatar on the forum, and the other is how to add your companions to the Forum too!

Alright back to work.. I've been workin on that and some new avatar clothes and whatnot!

Till next time my lovelies!



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