Date: 2019-12-16 18:46:03
Christmas season- Redone mine level 6 by Ittermat

Hello! Its been a bit and for that I'm sorry! Its been a bit hectic and my coders are busy for the holiday season! Hopefully we'll get stuff done again soon until then im gonan do what I can inbetween it all.

As Im sure you've all noticed Jingle is back! Theres an advent calendar with things- and a claw game to win prizes from as well as some pages you can do to win medal. Jingle is only around till the end of december! So get the stuff while you can!

I also redid the last level of the mine- Now instead of finding the entire item you have to find the pieces to the items- and then use alchemy to put them together- Here are the new recipes!
You need a Toolbox for these

Butterfly hairclip = Butterfly hairclip piece 1 Butterfly hairclip piece 2Butterfly hairclip piece 3

Wooden chicken=Wooden chicken piece 1Wooden chicken piece 2Wooden chicken piece 3Wooden chicken piece 4Wooden chicken piece 5
Old glove=Old Glove piece 1Old Glove piece 2Old glove piece 3
Old pendant=Old Pendant Piece 1Old Pendant Piece 2Old Pendant Piece 3
Old mirror=
Old Mirror piece 1Old Mirror piece 2Old Mirror piece 4Old Mirror piece 5
Strange cube=Strange cube Piece 1Strange cube Piece 2Strange cube Piece 3Strange cube Piece 4Strange cube Piece 5
Old manuscript=Old Manuscript piece 1Old Manuscript piece 2Old Manuscript piece 3Old Manuscript piece 4
Wooden apple=Wooden Apple piece 1Wooden Apple piece 2Wooden Apple piece 3Wooden Apple piece 4

Not only this but the prices for these items have been increased! with complete artifacts being worth 1million beads each! So Its worth visiting the mine every day if you wanna make some Site money!

I've also been working on Adding the Alchemy recipes to the Encyclopedia!
They wont all be there right away because it takes a while to add it all- but Im working on it!

Avatars and the farm are back being worked on too! but I dont have an ETA on when it will be done! Same with all the other things in the works XD My coders are busy right now.

Thank you all so much for your patience!!
~Till next time!



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