Date: 2019-10-09 23:07:12
new genetics! HALLOWEEENNNNN! by Ittermat

The halloween event has started! So please join in and play some games!
(You can find Katty taffy by wandering the site)

we'll do our best to keep adding what we can over the course of the month- but honestly at the moment im the only one on the case (with a little help from a couple friends) so please be patient... I will do what I can I promise!

NOW! onto the new genetics (currently only for hounda- I think theres more in the works?) These were made by the wonderful SHIBA! (Evey on the discord channels) so if you want please tell her she did a good job!

SO FIRST OFF here are the New hounda body parts for the Ghost mummy hounda:

Parts from the radioactive hounda

Parts for the Spider hounda!

There ya go! Thats all for now!! We'll keep working!

~Till next time!



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