Date: 2019-09-21 19:22:30
New pet paints! 9-16-2019 by Ittermat

Hi there! Its been a while haha..(unless you've paid attention to the discord server) I have some new stuff for ya! We made pet paints! Special items that change the look of your pets!
However they do NOT

~Change genetics
~You cannot breed them to get more of those painted pets.. ex: Rainbow+Rainbow WILL NOT= rainbow! you will get a baby of the original genetics.

Where can you get them? At Premium pets!

*Note* Yes the rainbow pets have a Paintbrush- I made these a long time ago when we were going to use that to differenciate between normal and painted- You'll see this a couple times- being animated there was no way to remove the paintbrushes without redoing them completely.

Heres what you can currently get! (You can also GO HERE For the list)

Rainbow Coin-

Catari = OR

Hounda=  OR

Feesh= OR

Mythic Coin-

Catari= OR

Hounda= OR

Feesh= OR

Tooltips also work again! <3

I promise we are still working on everything else! Theres alot happening back here.. but I also am mainly waiting on codes <3 but people have lives so I appreciate your patience! Stick with us! Great things are coming! <3 And I'll keep doing what I can while we wait!

~Till next time!



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