Date: 2019-07-05 19:08:15
Some new stuff! new world new items and recipes! by Ittermat


You're all so patient with us and I do dearly appreciate it!

OKAY! theres quite a bit to unpack here! and more to appear in the future!

~First off theres a new world to visit! You can now go into Maria and Camerons Sketchbook world!

You can do this two different ways
1. Explore-> visit a book world
2. Explore-> main town (on map) ->Library-> check out a book

Its also a very good base for those of you who might want to
SUBMIT your own world for people to visit! There will still be additions to this one and things (more items more stuff etc) but thats more in the future.

There are also some new Items and Recipes- with again more to appear later! We're always trying to update and add to the site- (even if its minor things..that we dont actually mention..)

From Maria and Camerons world we have:


Other new items are!

Bag of ice Bag of ice Found in the


Hammer and Anvil (In wickers weapons)
Helmet base - (in Allans Armory)

Shield base (in Allans armory)
Sword base (in Wickers weapons)

New crafting recipes!

Childs Fish + Potatoes + Spice Pack + = Battered Fish and Chips

Childs Fish+Cheese Block+Peas+Potatoes+Spice Pack+= Cheesy Fish Fantasy


Bag of ice+Childs Orange+Sugar+=Orange juice
Bag of ice+Childs lemon+Sugar+=Lemonade
Bag of ice+Childs Lime+Sugar+=Limeade
Bag of ice+Childs Apple+Sugar+=Apple juice

Iron Bar+ + Rope Piece+ Cat Fur+ Cat Claws= Rope and claw
Wood Logs+Pearls+Gold Bar+Shield base+= Wooden shield

Sherlock Holmes Book+ Gold Bar+
Rope Piece+=Shiny Golden Bookmark
Alice in Wonderland Book+ Gold Bar+Rope Piece+=Shiny Golden Bookmark

Homegrown Apple+Bag of ice+Sugar
+=Apple juice
Homegrown Orange+Bag of ice+Sugar+=Orange juice

More to come in the future!!
Also yes we are still working on moving, battling and everything else! I do apologize but my helpers do have lives and they've all been busy recently! So hopefully you can accept me continuing to work while we wait for them all to catch up and help once more ^^

Till next time my lovlies!




Date: 2019-07-09 11:32:33
by BayoDino

that's cool 0w0