Date: 2019-05-11 02:01:41
Beauty contest!! ENTRIES!! by Ittermat

Hey there! we're gonna throw a beauty contest for onsite pets!

(these will be moved to the forums when the forums are finished... for now- we got the news to use lol)

Enter your pets by commenting on this news post! Link me to the Atrocity pet you want to enter!
Dont forget to write a short note about why you think your pet is beautiful!

Then our users can vote on who they think is most beautiful!

Contest entry ends on 5-16-2019

1st place Winner gets a gold trophy , 150,000 beads, and 10 candy!

2nd place gets 50,000 beads and a silver trophy!

3rd place gets 25,000 beads and a bronze trophy!

Enter enter enter!

I cant wait to see what you show us!
Current entries

1. Darrow with invisibella


Date: 2019-05-11 01:48:44
by Darrow Here's Invisibella! Why's she the most beautiful? Well... I mean Im not too sure what she looks like but I assume she beautiful haaha