Date: 2019-04-25 19:27:04
Houses 2! and other stuff! by Ittermat

Hey there! I've got houses mostly finished! For some more info PLEASE go to the original post.  

However I do have a pretty biggish..? update for you guys! All the rooms but the attic are open!

And hopefully that will be done soon too! (Still working on the laboratory though... that might take a bit...we'll see!)

Okay! first things first!

~~ I added a petcare menu- makes things a bit more organized.. and removes that super long explore menu.

~~There is now a Casino/bank option... As Scion is the bigwig who owns most of the things on Atrocity..(like the bank and the auction house (when thats done) It makes sense that he'll try to take as much money out of you as possible... So now he has an all in one system to do that... its in the explore menu. Great right?....

~~There is now a discord button down in the bottom right of the screen- you can now chat on it while you wander the site- Or go to it for the faster updates  ( in #news) I mention on Discord before I do these bigger ones. HURRAY!

~~We redid the index page! I spent like 4 days trying to do it on my own... but I had to ask for help... isnt it pretty?! You can now see the top pets...and a few pets that are in the pound too! (They need love too!)

Okay so the current rooms we have are:

--Bathroom- You send your bet for a bath- they regain a random amount of happiness.
--Bedroom- You send your pet for a nap- they regain a random amount of Closeness
--Kitchen- You give you pet a snack - they regain a random amount of Hunger/thirst
--Backyard- You send your pet to wander the backyard! They can find a random item! (Items drawn by Artist Rubyz See below)

~~Forums are still being worked on, Battling is still being worked on too. I appreciate your patience.. XD I've been working on the colors of pets and things so we have quite a few to add when all thats finished.

I think thats everything for now? If not.. Sorry... XD
Till next time <3


Date: 2019-07-16 06:56:12
by BayoDino