Date: 2019-04-18 15:35:33
Update! HOUSES! by Ittermat

Yes! you now can have a house to do stuff in! Currently only the backyard is available- but the rest are to come soon!

Dont forget to go to Cora at Account upgrades To grab your new permits!

Now for the big question! What do these rooms do?

Attic- Lets you search once a day to possibly find what random things might be stored up there! You never know what you'll find (Ability to find any item on the site!)

Bedroom - Puts your pet to bed to regain a random amount of happiness (and later hp as well)

Bathroom- Gives your pet a bath to replenish a random amount of Closeness (Mana later as well)

 --Laboratory/kitchen- a free alchemy service from the comfort of your own home! (no animation made yet)

Backyard- Search the backyard for exclusive items 5 times a day!

Though the permits are expensive you'll never have to buy them again after the fist purchase (Unless you trade./sell it.) as long as the permit is in your inventory you can use the house rooms.

Now for the other updates Im working on- (besides the rest of the house rooms)

~ Redoing the index page

~adding a prize wheel

~Making scions casino area

~more stuff for the battling update..

~minor fixes around the site...

~More stuff... srsly..

My work is never done!! <3 till next time !



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