Date: 2019-01-21 16:59:48
An update for you guys! by Ittermat

Hey there! Im sorry its been so long since an update!
I promise stuff is still being worked on- Battling is still in the works- and it will be a HUGE update!

we're also working on bug fixes around the board- and getting new actually better games in the arcade- fixing the Dailys (so they actually work)
The bank has been fixed. We've fixed the buying and selling of pets in user shops. Hopefully we can add the ablity to sell items too but thats for a future update-
in fact theres a ton of things for the future!
Houses, alignment specific abilities, A wheel game or  three- Actually readable books and a library for you to store your books in to read anytime, Pet jobs, Pet training, better training for the minipets...
Pet sicknesses and medicines, more Alchemy recipes, better minipets (meaning we'll have to get rid of all the minipets currently on site sorry!) The ability to give gifts, fixing the raffle to work on its own... Theres alot more in the works too!

ALSO theres a forum being worked on too! So when thats actually useable I'll let you know! Until then please stay off of it XD Its being worked on and fixed and if you post you might mess things up.
Thank you so much for your patience so far! I swear stuff is in the works!
~Till next time!



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