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There is no event going on

Halloween 2021 Discussion Thread
Here is where you can discuss the event, Or set up trades with Halloween specific items, ask questions, or just hang out!
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so excited about the halloween event ^_^
[Image: salfp83.gif]
Wolf ∙ 21 ∙ He/It
[Image: wpAbigt.gif]
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Im hoping my wrist doesnt hate me and I can actually add mroe stuff to it at somepoint during it XD I plan to draw costumes and stuff..
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I like the Halloween event, its cool ???
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(10-05-2021, 02:40 PM)StarBoy Wrote: I like the Halloween event, its cool ???

Lol thank you <3 Like I said above im hoping to be able to add more stuff... but cant promise anything x.x
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Hi, my friends and me haven't been going to Halloween for a long time and this year we want to go celebrate!
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Please feel free to join in our holiday event! Its not perfect! but its ours!
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