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Beauty contest 6-12-21
Here is where you can enter the current beauty contest! please check back for Voting and winners! It ends on 6-30-21 Then Voting begins.

How to enter:

Reply to this Thread with your most beautiful pet!! - we will have separate entries for lab created and naturally hatched eggs. Please label your pet accordingly! (Mind you I can go into their bios and check and see how it was born so please dont lie)


1st place Winner gets a gold trophy [Image: 32672130837ef5bfe56ee053736a00fa.png], 150,000 beads, 10 candy and their choice of any paintbrush

2nd place gets 50,000 beads and a [Image: 31a3dfcb71ffb700c9000cb9758e9935.png]silver trophy, and 5 candy

3rd place gets 25,000 beads and a [Image: 665e4d0ee6fc53075ed30853bea8ceba.png]bronze trophy!




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