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Pet image issues!
This is the thread where you can post and let me know about pets images not being correct.. Its an ongoing problem and its probably my fault from when I reset them... Anyway the deal is that Its using the OLD images for that pet number instead of creating a new one for it... so you will see things like Cataris in the Feesh category on peoples profiles- or the genetic makeup of a pet not matching what you see... When this happens please let me know- and link me directly to the pets profile.

Example of pet image not being correct:

[Image: unknown.png]

Example of Genetics not matching image:

[Image: unknown.png]

So yea please let me know right away if you find any of these- Until we figure out a better fix I have to go through and Change each pet one by one... but I'd still like to know about it. So let me know if you find any!

Thank you!
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