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Sky Tear
[Image: tearinskyfrontpage.png]
This doesnt look so good...whatever it is.. you should probably check it out..
Until: 12-31

The Sky Tear event looks at the mysterious tear in the night sky of Atrocity. What will happen?

Part 1 - Translator needed!
Part 2 - I want food!
Part 3 - Buy this stuff!
Part 4 - An accident??
Part 5 - Boss fight!

Part 1
[Image: 1-1.png]
Potter is the first to find the strange creatures, but says he can't communicate with them. He suggests that you build a translator for him and gives you a list of items.
[Image: 1-4.png]

Part 2
After finding the items, Potter can understand what the creatures are saying.
[Image: 2-2.png]
After some back-and-forth, we now know they want to go home. But before that, Potter says he's hungry and asks you to bring you some food.
[Image: 2-4.png]
"All this inventing made me hungry- could you bring me something to eat? I should have this figured out by the time you get back!"

You sigh- but decide you wont get anywhere if you dont. "sure... what would you like?"

Part 3
You bring the food to Potter, while the creatures stay there. You ask if you could check their ship and they sound ok with it.
[Image: 3-2.png]
You muse to yourself that its too bad they cant live here... they'd make things more interesting.. but no... they need to get home.. so you will help them..

But first you have wreckage to wander through and some shops to check out.

Now you have access to two new shops at the strange wreck.
Something might happen when looking for materials...

Part 4
[Image: escape1.png]

You finally get the two to calm down enough to ask them a question.

--what the heck happened??
Through tears Maria spoke up first as she attempted to comfort Cameron. "we saw something and came over to see... and we dunno what happened..but it exploded."

Cameron nodded through tears. "and they got out..."

--who got out??
[Image: escape4.png]
"The little animals!!" Cried cameron- clearly worried something terrible really has happened and they'll be in so much trouble..

"Please dont tell our parents! You gotta help us get them back!" Maria pleaded.. and you cant help but sigh and agree that you'd help them..though you know you arent going to like it... and you cant exactly search anymore till you appease the small children..

Note: After this point you'll see creatures show up in the side bar! collect em! (I would recommend more than needed for crafting later)

WARNING: they stop appearing after you turn them in!

[Image: fghfghf.png]

Part 5
[Image: bossfightbanner1.png]
[Image: Spaceeventboss.png]
The gatekeeper of the universe has appeared to fight!!!

You can attack the gatekeeper each day until your pet loses all its health. When the boss loses all of its health, you can claim exclusive prizes that include avatar items and the event's special pet paint, the Sky Tear Paint Ball.

[Image: galaxcticfoodbrush.png]

For a list of drops, check the boss's entry in the encyclopedia.


[Image: end.png]
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