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So on the farm, I harvested my plant, and it gave me no seeds, but when I went to my inventory, it said 'Oats Seed ×0' but when I clicked 'use', it let me plant a seed, and when I tried agian, it let me plant another one. I destroyed both plants, but I feel like it should say something like 'you don't have any seeds' instead of letting me plant seeds.

Also, when I go to daily currency or daily free item, it doesn't let me get anything, it only let me do it once, when I first joined.
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You get seeds sometimes from harvesting the plants- I thought this would be a way to save you guys money as when you harvest a plant you can get between 1-3 of that plant.

And yes it should? not sure why its not...?
Are you sure you didnt have the seeds in your inventory?

Also yes I know the dailies are messing up- I have no idea why the code is right. I'll have to have the person who coded it look into it when i can flag them down- I apologize.
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Yea, I'm pretty sure that it gave me 0 seeds, and its showing up in my inventory as '×0 oat seeds' or smth like that. I checked a few minutes ago, ( )
Also I just tried getting the daily currency and it worked! :3
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yea theres something with the Oat seeds... XD but I assure you you got some... and I have no idea whats up with the dailies XD
If its in your inventory you have them... I dunno whats up with them... kinda funny though XD
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I think i got this working? Im not 100% I went into the inventory and deleted all the ones for oats that said 0... grew my own oats.. and it worked fine? So we'll see and keep an eye on this issue <3
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