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Fave pets and Energy
Oh so you wanna learn about your fave pet right? Well first lets tell you how to Set one!
Its easy! you can set any Of your owned pets as a fave pet as long as they're at least level 2.
To find where this is done you can go to->
Personal->Settings-> Profile settings

and you'll see the option near the bottom!

1.What does a Fave pet do?

Fave pets are an important part of  the site- and when you wander around- They do a few things- like Speak to you randomly-
[Image: unknown.png]

Or find you items

(for the list of Items each pet species finds you can see them here-)

[Image: unknown.png]
They can also have random events Happen, find you Beads, as well as find enemies for you to fight!
[Image: unknown.png][Image: unknown.png] [Image: unknown.png]

This pet is also the pet that goes with you all over the site- you need one to get to and do alot of things- As you wander the site your pets energy goes down- You will get reminders about him getting tired at 100,50 and 0 left.

Once it hits 0 your pet will no longer be able to do anything on site-
[Image: unknown.png]

This Speech bubble will stay and block the other features until you refill it!
You can do this a few ways-
1st- use *Buy Energy* located under the Energy bar
[Image: unknown.png]

If you do this then you'll be taken to this page-
[Image: unknown.png]
Where you can use your candy to refill your pets Energy!
2nd- you can wait until the rollover at Midnight EST Your pets Energy , mood and health will all be refilled!

3rd- You can Put your pet to bed in the Inn or your house to replenish a bit of it.

Feel free to comment if there are any questions!
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