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How to play - Ittermat - 08-15-2022

(though the game isnt released yet I figured it wouldnt hurt to tell you how its going to work!) I'll update it when its actually released with new images and more information.
[Image: unknown.png]
You'll notice on your profile theres a link that says challenge me! (coming soon) link- This is the link for the Card game (when its finished)


The base of this game is the card game WAR (more in depth explanation here)- for those of you that have never played it you have a deck of cards
and you split it in half between two players. Decks face down- then you each draw a card and put it down in between you- the higher card of the two gets to keep both cards. and you keep going until all the cards are in one persons hands (or you decide to quit and see who has more I suppose..)

However we're adding more to it.

Each card will have values (numbers) and an element. Both of these are necessary to see if you win.

(all images taken from the JS demo- will be replaced later.)

[Image: unknown.png]
So as you can see here- you have a life card with 2 value and a sky card with 10.. Sky card won and that user got the cards. (both started with 40.)
(there will be images in the middle of the cards.)
Elements also play a role in winning or losing-
these are the element weaknesses

[Image: voidelement1.png]Void is weak to sky[Image: skyelement1.png]

[Image: arcaneelement1.png]Arcane is weak to Life[Image: lifeelement1.png]

[Image: lifeelement1.png]Life is weak to Void[Image: voidelement1.png]

[Image: skyelement1.png]Sky is weak to Arcane[Image: arcaneelement1.png]

You'll be able to build a deck for other players to play against (it will be an auto player-or CPU player using your opponents cards) when winning you'll collect pieces for creating ultra rare cards-

you'll be able to trade cards, buy card packs, sell cards and other things-

its still being worked on ^^