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How to login to tapatalk - Ittermat - 07-27-2022

As some of you may know or not know- we are connected to Tapatalk- (search for Atrocity petsite forums) so you can browse the forum along with other forums.. Its an easy place to keep all your forums in one spot with notifications and what have you- However there has been an ongoing issue with logins.. but i figured out how to fix this and I apologize for the work you have to do.

Okay so- due to how its all set up you need a separate password for the forums- your on site password will not work (unless you change it to be the same later on)

So First step is to be here on the forums (not logged in)

[Image: unknown.png]
After you click forgot password it will ask you to input your email (the one for the site account please- that part is the same)

[Image: unknown.png]

It will then send you an email with the link to reset the password- (i wont show you mine...) but its pretty self explanatory- it will then email you a  new password to use.
You can either keep this password- OR you can change it to whatever you want.

If you want to change it you go here-

[Image: unknown.png]
From here its pretty self explanatory
[Image: unknown.png]

and thats it! now you have a way to login to tapatalk! It still auto logs you into this forum when you sign into the site so no worries there!

Lemme know if you have any questions!