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Full Version: Secret Santa 2021 signup
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Here is where you can sign up to be a secret santa! [Image: Catarismileylove1base1.png]
For those who arent sure what that is- here's the run down

--sign up by commenting on this thread
--I will add you to the list
---I will pm you a name of someone else who has signed up
--Keep it a secret!
--on December 24th/25th you send them any item you own or Some of your on site beads from the Donate page!

Seems simple enough right? Now Lets spread some holiday cheer!

Current List of santas!
  1. Ittermat
  2. lycanthrope
  3. John Doe
id like to sign up! Big Grin
(12-01-2021, 08:00 PM)lycanthrope Wrote: [ -> ]id like to sign up! Big Grin

Added my darlin
id like to sign up as well! ^^
(12-05-2021, 01:50 AM)John Doe Wrote: [ -> ]id like to sign up as well! ^^
You got it! Added <3