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Full Version: Plantera encyclopedia entry
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[Image: Plantera]
Basic info
Species: Plantera
Length: Varied
Group: Plant
Rarity: Common
Description: Its a plant...for a pet...doesnt really do much.. but it likes alot of sun!
Obtainable: From the Adoption Center
Can breed?: NO
Can Battle?: NO

Plantera drops (when clicking in daycare/raising)

Does not drop anything at this time

Plantera finds (when set as fave pet)

|  Worm [Image: de1d5acb7836532550bd5a787def26b4.png] | Clover leafs [Image: 892d1dd1245df04af04b9d71191a7f5c.png]| Flowers[Image: 2c0b6ff7266e048d5ee7bb45d419e805.png]| Fools gold
[Image: 3701d36a966b3175a8a7e012a03f2b7b.png]| Old bottle[Image: 68f7af98e61c6b599f80251621d19e21.png]| Pearls [Image: 3c7ed05f3bb1252e4f0b25782e5eab2a.png]| Plastic bracelet[Image: 8b31ff29ae67f8bbab3b45ba3cddf57a.png]| Rocks [Image: 286ad56fcd69a73e9448a2abc03a2f66.png]| Rope piece[Image: 1d2968fce0ac9f2518244806f6a025d3.png]| Tin can [Image: ae6760ae71bb0ee923327299bcae6731.png]| Trash [Image: d0b8f4722752010c5f76d90a9e091a29.png]| Wood logs| Small block of Cheese[Image: eaad190b013b9e62afa3062c99699bc2.png]| Ice worm [Image: b4c05726464fe2d9eebf8524ffbe10d7.png]| Ice cube [Image: 6fbb526b85ec1dcb999031bbfeeb2cbb.png]| Rock worm [Image: cda5eb39072024ac7d390f96b837a689.png]| Scions casino coin [Image: 4fa91fce530f7d348965c0ece7f48d81.png]| Katty taffy  [Image: 1fd47190afccea95a16e3794bb33f5ff.png](during season of pumpkins)|