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Full Version: Current list to do- 2-13-23
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--I do have this on the discord server but I figured I'd put it here too in case some of you are not on the server- and you can still see whats up It may not get updated as fast as the one on the discord server though.--

The bunny burrow and race
--fixing the race
---drawing the tunnells
--making the paintbrush
---adding in items
--coding pages..

the election event
--bees avatar
--Forum topics

Upgrading houses a little
--Draw images of enemies/cleaning
--make enemies/enemy drops
--adding in house cleanlieness/dirtyness
--ablity to clean house- run into enemies (like dust bunnies)
--pets get sick easier with a dirty house
~~--change the page its on to a php one so all this will work

Halloween town

--Quiz with serene
--Story area with enemies
--better map
--more games

Other things
--More rouncey sicknesses
--fix sicknesses (they dont seem to be working)
--redo a couple event maps/add more
--redo all/most maps on site
--add more worlds
--alice in wonderland area
--more stock tickets
---more NPC quests
--change maps to PHP pages so I can add random encounters and things

Maps I need to redo/make into PHP pages for better functionality
--Main world map
--Forest map 1
--forest map 2
--cemetary trail-
--forest lake
--cemetary 2
--the lonely grave
--Rainbow bridge cemetary

Maps to turn into PHP pages
--Main world map
--Forest map 1
--forest map 2
--cemetary trail-
--forest lake
-Cemetary-- enemies added
--cemetary 2 enemies added
--the lonely grave
--Rainbow bridge cemetary
--meadow enemies added too
--Meadowfarm added enemies