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Full Version: Autumn Festival
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This is the thread to tell you about the autumn festival!

This festival is hosted by the salamander Sam!

[Image: samhost1.png]

Time Frame:

August 1st-31st

Festival currency :
During this festival your pet will find [Image: autumnleafcurrency.png] Autumn leaves- which you can collect every 15 minutes You can also find them on the forums in the event sidebar. [Image: autumnleaf.png]

Scarecrow Jack


[Image: autumplaza1.png]
On the map is the pumpkin carving contest, the link to the boss (scarecrow jack), the link to the forum topic about the event, lollipop pull game, leaf pick game, and dart toss game

Festival prizes
These are all the prizes available from the games

[Image: leafsucker.png] [Image: acorncandy.png][Image: greenjelly.png][Image: orange_jelly.png][Image: yellowjelly.png][Image: redjelly.png][Image: orange_soda.png][Image: lollipopitem.png]
[Image: brownautumnleafponcho.png][Image: greenautumnleafponcho.png][Image: redautumnleafponcho.png][Image: Orangeautmnleafponcho.png][Image: yellowautumnleafponcho.png]
[Image: fireleafleggings.png][Image: redfireleafleggings.png][Image: yellowfireleafleggings.png][Image: greenfireleafleggings.png][Image: brownfireleafleggings.png]
[Image: brownautumnleafshortskirt.png][Image: greenautumnleafshortskirt.png][Image: orangeautumnleafshortskirt.png][Image: redautumnleafshortskirt.png][Image: yellowautumnleafshortskirt.png]
[Image: leafscarf1.png][Image: leafscarf2.png][Image: leafscarf3.png][Image: leafscarf4.png]
[Image: ferret1.png][Image: ferret2.png][Image: ferret3.png][Image: owl1.png]
[Image: salamander1.png][Image: salamander2.png][Image: salamander3.png][Image: salamander4.png][Image: salamander1tribal.png][Image: salamander1tribal2.png][Image: salamander1tribal3.png][Image: salamander1tribal4.png]