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Full Version: ENDED=Pumpkin carving contest 2022
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Hey there! My names Sam! I have a whole buncha pumpkins here that need some awesomely deft hands to carve cool designs in!
[Image: samcarve1.png]

So how does this work? Easy! You can either draw a cool pumpkin yourself- Or use ours and edit it how you'd like.
To enter you can simply post your entries in this thread!
[Image: df3f9a2f30f238ed5053513b11433e3b.png]
This contest does have prizes too-

1st Prize-
150,000 beads, 10 candy, 2 Paintbrushes (your choice), A gold pumpkin trophy, your pumpkin sold at a new store.

2nd Prize-

75,000 beads, 5 candy, 1 paintbrush (your choice), A silver pumpkin trophy

3rd prize-

50,000 beads, 2 candy, A bronze pumpkin trophy

Good luck!!


[Image: attachment.php?aid=1]


[Image: FHWrg39.jpeg]

[Image: df3f9a2f30f238ed5053513b11433e3b.png]

I'd like to enter please Big GrinD
I made a very classic pumpkin, but I think it has a funny look.  Tongue
added <3
Hi! I'd like to enter!

I'm not really that good at art but hey, I tried.
(08-22-2022, 01:01 PM)Astralwave Wrote: [ -> ]Hi! I'd like to enter!

I'm not really that good at art but hey, I tried.

Trying is all we ask <3 great attempt <3
Can I still enter? Tongue 

[Image: df3f9a2f30f238ed5053513b11433e3b.png]
Yup! gonna add you!
Sorry I was soooo late to end this-
Pumpkin carving contest results
1st place- Foxfire
2nd place- Astralwave
3rd place- Oneuponaplatypus

Will be giving you your prizes shortly!!