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Full Version: Onsite items master list
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These are the items you can get onsite by buying them from the forum shop! be aware that It wont be immediate since I have to manually send them to you!

Paintbrushes (one per user allowed to be bought)

[Image: icon_1601236701_d63ea5cfe8754b2e3d75f8fc83135469.png] Rainbow paint , [Image: icon_1601236901_fe11b8a5322d522c96851ed7923f0cb3.png] Mythic paint , [Image: icon_1601236973_7bd2c0a3157325f1350fe1e8fb5fb45b.png] Old halloween paint ,[Image: icon_1601237026_fb5eca2261632ef99be1c8cc1148ba28.png] Mutant paint ,[Image: icon_1601237089_f3950e2d089b20fc5622c255be11df11.png] Monster paint ,[Image: icon_1601237138_15909bae578f04d308d111d9243f1d32.png] Wild paint ,

[Image: icon_1601237194_15fe42df260c887bb771cbc626d94c00.png] Kid paint ,[Image: icon_1605030515_b9e0c4e358db21ed2d1ae07eeb7239ad.png] Canvas paint

I dont know how much points do I have lol
They're called Stars *on here If you look up to the right side of your post (Across from your avatar that column of info) It shows your stars at the bottom of that
I see now, cool
You acquire them by being active in the forums XD