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Full Version: The town center
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The main town is where most of the shops and services are located.

Play games to win currency and items, or just for fun.

Use two items to make another. Need 300 beads per try and a Recipe Book (bought from Account Upgrades shop).

Click on other users' pets.

Breed two of your pets together. They must be at least level 2 and you need a Love Potion #9 and some beads. Note: breeding can fail.

Adopt pets that were abandoned.

Check your mail.

Transfer an item or an amount of beads to another user.

Toys for your pets.

Tools for crafting used in other parts of the site.

Buy books in the bookstore, visit a book world, or read stories.

Buy food for your pets.

Atrocity's main forums.

Closed House

News (leads to a broken page for now)

Buy seeds for your farm.

Read the Bulletin Board

Information on current events.