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Full Version: How Shop ticket Stock works
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Hello! If you're here you're probably wondering how the shop tickets you bought work!

well its super Simple! They're actually alot like the Grubcakes!

However these work just a bit differently of course!

On sundays you can buy these tickets from the Same store you buy the Grubcakes- The base price of these change daily-

(picture here)

However- you and other users can make them worth more by buying things from shops!
Whatever amount is spent in a shop gets added to the tickets base price!

[Image: unknown.png]

This will continue to increase for the day depending on how much is bought from the shop that day!

but you cant buy more tickets till Sunday when the shop opens again!
and on that day the price resets to a random amount! so you wanna sell them at a profit before sunday!

To sell your tickets you can do so straight from the stock market portfolio page!

Good luck!