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Full Version: How grubcake buying and Selling works
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Hello! if you're here that means you wanna know how to play the GrubCake market! Its super easy!

Every Sunday Nana will have a new batch of Grub cakes to sell- the price changes daily-
The trick is to buy low and Sell high!
[Image: nangrubcakes1.png]

Here is the Page when its open and what everything does~

[Image: unknown.png]

When the stock reaches 0 thats it for the week! She wont sell anymore until next sunday!

All you have to do is Sell them from your inventory when you feel the Price is right!

[Image: unknown.png]

If you dont sell them by The next Sunday- they will be deleted from your inventory Saturday at midnight!! So make sure you keep an eye on it!
Good luck! Please feel Free to ask if you have any questions!